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DE2 07/2011 Platform Dictionaries, Encyclopedias & Reference Books
DE2 07/2011 Platform Dictionaries, Encyclopedias & Reference Books
DE2 07/2011 Platform Dictionaries, Encyclopedias & Reference Books | 2.76 GB

DE2 - fully functional engine free dictionaries and reference books on the basis of a powerful free database PostgreSQL.
Now the program during its initial development, the introduction of new functionality and the implementation of some ideas, but all functions are working properly and sufficiently debugged.


- Completely free of charge and freely distributed
- Popolnyaema easily by the user
- Knowledge base is easily loaded and unloaded, ie, You can expand and share
- Support for popular file formats for import dictionaries: zd, wb, dct, xdxf, dsl, csv, txt with the treatment and correction of content
- Full support for Unicode (UTF-8)
- Import Unicode and ANSI dictionary with the ability to specify a different encoding for the header (index) and Article
- Pages of dictionaries with full support for HTML, a quick search on the article link or double-click on any word
- Works on a free DBMS PostgreSQL
- Possibility to work simultaneously with a group of dictionaries, create your own group
- Live incremental search in the dictionary or a group of
- Query tool to a dictionary or a group (match, beginning words, regular expressions, masks)
- Full-text translator that supports many languages
- Scoring of the source text and translation result in a number of languages
- Sounding title of the entry
- Built-in HTML editor of articles with the possibility of visual editing
- The system users and roles to restrict access
- Built-in storage of binary resources
- Support for images and sound
- Many other things that already have or plan to implement

Main features:

- Includes a working base (export/backup.de2) with a large collection of dictionaries, reference books and encyclopedias (over 200 pcs.)
- Includes PostgreSQL and ActivePerl (required if you plan to import dictionary format dct) in the directory PreInstall

Description and Installation:

Distribution: free, with no restrictions for private, public or commercial use

Pre-test assembly

Documentation: currently there is no

More info :

Language : RUS , But applications multilanguage
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