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Data: 11 Sierpień 2011
Kategoria: PROGRAMY » Pozostałe

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Install DVD for PC (Fixed 07.2011)
Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Install DVD for PC (Fixed 07.2011)
Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Install DVD for PC (Fixed 07.2011) | 4.16 GB

The new version of Mac OS X 10.7, which bears the sonorous name of the Lion, finally became available to users.
The previous version of Mac OS X - 10.6 Snow Leopard - not brought with it a large number of user-visible changes, most of the innovations were concentrated "under the hood." In the Lion's not so much of the innovation in 10.07 concerns directly to the user and the user interface. But I will not get ahead ...


Mac OS X Lion to work requires a Core 2 Duo processor and a minimum of 2 GB of RAM, so that the owners of the very first "Intel" Macs with Core Duo processors left out of progress along with the users of computers based on PowerPC.

On this bad news does not end there. Lion disappeared from Rosetta - a utility that lets you run applications on the PPC-processor computers with Intel. Now when you run these applications will receive the following message:

It would seem a great loss (recent Macs with PPC processors have disappeared from the shelves five years ago), but in fact even in the latest version of Microsoft Office contains fragments of PPC-code. And although the overall Office: mac 2011 under the Lion works, I can not think of a good job or a hassle-free. In addition, many older devices (particularly scanners and printers) will not work under the Lion of the fact that their drivers and utilities in their time were compiled for the CPU cycles PowerPC.

Finally, Apple clearly makes it clear that Java for Mac OS X it is no longer interested. Java Runtime no longer comes with the Lion, the first run Java-based applications are prompted to download and install the JRE from the update site.


Mac OS X always had a beautiful operating system. I vividly remember the first discussion of the GUI Aqua, which at the time of appearance (in 2000) seemed a stranger from the future: many people, especially accustomed to the dull gray and the windows buttons Windows, just could not believe that the computer interface can be so spectacular . Over time, it was found that Aqua interface too variegated for everyday use, so in each successive version of Mac OS X, Apple has a little "muted" and it made more stringent. Was no exception and Mac OS X Lion.

The main innovation in terms of appearance - the refusal of convex "glass" window widgets. Buttons, switches, scroll bar and progress bar - all of this lost volume and glass shine. In my opinion, it's gone for the benefit of the interface: it has become more restrained, and stylish. Furthermore, the absence of bright spots in the interface allows the user to focus on the most important thing, that is, on the content.

Another movement in the direction of minimalism is the almost complete absence in the system of colored icons. And in the Finder, and other programs, complete all of the colored icons have been replaced by gray "relief" counterparts.

Frankly, some of these changes adversely affect the usability of the operating system. For example, in previous versions of Mac OS X active and inactive buttons were very different in color. In Mac OS X Lion degree of contrast between them has been reduced so much that for me personally it has been disturbed.

It is worth noting that despite the overall minimalist system, some packaged applications are completely unwarranted level of mindless embellishments. The address book now simulates a paper notebook, iCal - tear-off calendar table, etc. In my view, such a "natural" interface is quite ugly in itself and blends in with the badly with my favorite "graphite" theme design.

Launchpad and Mission Control

As is known, the operating system iOS, used in the iPhone and iPad, based on Mac OS X. In the Lion, Apple has decided to transfer some of the achievements interface iOS back in the desktop operating system. One of these developments is Launchpad - a separate screen, which displays icons for all applications installed on the computer. Icons, as well as in iOS, can be grouped into folders, but the ability to remove application icons from the Launchpad missing. So I have, for example, there are icons of console programs that run in this way is useless. In my opinion, for experienced users of Launchpad is useless (the best way to launch applications - Spotlight), although it certainly is ideal for those who are familiar with iOS.

Mission Control is a further development (and integration) of such popular features of Mac OS X, as the Spaces and Expose. It shows at the same time all the desktops and all the windows grouped by application. A group of windows can be deployed by moving the cursor on it and holding on the touchpad with two fingers up. Switch between desktops as you can with the help of hot keys (Ctrl + arrows) and gestures (trehpaltsevy svayp right-left).

New features of the operating system:

Launchpad - Control (folder, the desktop) and run your application in the style of iOS
Full-screen applications
Mission Control - unites in itself Dashboard and Expose, and became the center of the windowing applications, desktops, and so on.
Gestures & animations - new multitouch gestures
Auto-Save preservation working condition even after logging out
Versions - Time Machine for documents - Manage document versions in two mouse clicks
Resume - saves the state of your Mac after a restart, including all applications, sites and documents
Mail 5 - new e-mail client style iPad
AirDrop - Instant wireless transmission of documents
Lion Server - a server version is now built into Mac OS X Lion

Extras. Information:
Installation CD Mac OS X 10.7 Lion for PC computers
Installation is possible on the GUID and MBR with PS / 2 keyboard

The release is made on the basis of the image of MAS
Fixed jamb boot to the topic
Added the ability to Custom Install (Language and the server component)


Put to better R discs - will save time and avoid errors

Disable all unnecessary with usb ports, and indeed all too much at the time of installation.

Disable usb 1.1 higher

Those who have problems with the graphics in the loader - the choice of the partition press TAB
and enter keys on the command line.

1. Write the image to disk
2. Set
3. After rebooting again loaded with the installation disc, select the section to set a lion
4. Please login or register an account
5. Not rebooting is the root of the installation disk folder Post Install
put on the section with a lion and the loader using Kext Utility put kekstov
NullCPUPowerManagement, FakeSMC, EvOreboot and others under his iron

If you have problems with USB key loaded with USBBusFix = Yes

If the installation and rerun the system stops on PCI Configuration begin
then when you start the boot and enter the key npci = 0x2000 or (npci = 0x3000)
further treat the problem as follows:
We treat the PCI Configuration begin
Regular updates on Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and Mac OS X Lion hakintoshniki many faced with the frieze on the boot prompt, PCI Configuration begin

To date, there are four ways to fixed a problem:

1. Rollback files AppleACPIPlatform.kext and with version 10.6.7 IOPCIFamily.kext

2. Replacing the file with the corrected IOPCIFamily.kext console

3. Enter in
Kernel Flags
npci = 0x2000

4. Redaktiroanie DSDT.
Adding to the Device (PCI0) line Name (_UID, Zero), or rename a _ADR _UID
Device (PCI0)
Name (_ADR, Zero)
Name (_UID, Zero)
Name (_BBN, Zero)
Name (_CID, EisaId ("PNP0A03"))
Name (_HID, EisaId ("PNP0A08"))
cause of the problem can also be not competently-written section of the processor and other debris in the code. So all anyone recommend a system for DSDT dump of a new system updates and to register everything anew. Carefully and accurately.
Good luck!

Downloads operating system Mac OS X Lion has exceeded 1 million in the first day of official sales last week. According to Apple, OS Mac OS X Lion, the Internet offered the App Store for Mac at a price of 29.99 dollars, sold faster than any other operating system "apple" of the company, reports RIA "Novosti".

Thus, the new Mac OS X 10.7 Lion was the first operating system, Apple, distributed primarily through the Internet, rather than on physical media.

In the near future, sources told reporters in retail, no longer available for sale boxed version of office suite iWork '09, Aperture photo editing software 3, a package of multimedia processing iLife '11, Utilities Apple Remote Desktop, and additions Jam Packs audio editing GarageBand.

The cost of the new operating system in Mac App Store is 29.99 dollars. Those users who are unable to download the package (its size is about 4 gigabytes) can buy it on a flash drive for $ 69 in retail stores Apple Store, starting in August.

New Mac OS X Lion has more than 250 innovations. This, in particular, the function AirDrop, lets you transfer files via a wireless Wi-Fi-connection between a Mac without any prior network configuration.

Function Versions easier to work with different versions of the document and saves Resume working environment applications, allowing it to recover after a reboot.
Mission Control function makes it easy to work with a large number of simultaneously running applications and open documents.

In addition, the new operating system interface elements transferred from a mobile platform iOS, use the Tablet PC iPad and the iPhone.
Some applications can be converted into full-screen mode, and function Launchpad allows you to see installed on the computer in the form of large icons placed on the screen iPad.

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