Data: 11 Sierpień 2011
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Fusion Linux V.14 (tested)
Fusion Linux V.14 (tested)

Fusion Linux V.14 + Tested with my computer| 1.6GB

About Fusion Linux
Fusion Linux is a Fedora Remix that uses a combination of free and open-source, non-free and non-open-source firmware and software, to bring the user the most advanced experience on the Linux platform.

Fusion Linux includes an outstanding theme, multimedia functionality out of the box and added desktop tweaks for better usability.

Guiding principles behind Fusion Linux are “Beyond Upstream” and “Multimedia Out of the Box”.

And finally, Fusion Linux is 100% compatible with Fedora. :)

About this release

Features and highlights are:
* a brand new custom made theme
* Fusion Linux post install welcome wizard script
* Skype removed so Fusion Linux can be freely redistributed
* multimedia support out of the box (Flash, MP3 & DivX playback)
* better hardware compatibility for broadcom wireless cards
* better games selection

We put a lot of work in the brand new custom made theme. It is based on Faenza icons and Alliance GTK theme with the little Fusion touch.

Desktop highlihgts:
* mintMenu
* DockbarX
* Compiz Fusion

mintMenu and DockbarX are two GNOME panel addons that make this Linux distro unique. These are the most obvious features that you will encounter first time you login.

Software highlights:
* Chromium + Firefox 4.0
* Thunderbird 3.0
* OpenOffice 3.3
* K3b - best CD/DVD and Blu-ray burning app
* GIMP 2.7 beta, Scribus 1.4 svn, Inkscape and Blender
* Dropbox - online backup and file sync
* TeamViewer - multiplatform remote desktop app
* F-Spot - image organizer and personal photo management
* Banshee - media player
* HandBrake - DVD ripping application, convert DVD to a video file
* Arista video transcoder - right click on any video file to convert
* PlayOnLinux - easily install numerous Windows games and apps
* Miro - free and open internet TV application
* Ailurus GNOME tweaking app
* GParted - partition editor for graphically managing your disk partitions
* FedoraPlus - scripts for customizing
* Gwibber - GNOME Twitter and Identica app
* Redshift - takes care of your eyes if you work late
* Development package and tools

Desktop tweaks:
* Nautilus browser mode by default
* Clicking via touchpad by default


- Unrar
- burn iso image to dvd
- boot pc from dvd drive with media inserted
- Enjoy

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