Data: 6 Sierpień 2011
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Northstar - VOL1 Drumscapes (WAV/AKAI)
Northstar - VOL1 Drumscapes (WAV/AKAI)

Northstar - VOL1 Drumscapes (WAV/AKAI)
AKAI Version:593MB | Wav Version: 773MB

Drumscapes Volume 1 is a collection of drum samples, including single hits and full grooves, formatted on CD-ROM for the Roland S-770 and compatible samplers and sample players.

From the CD-ROM's booklet: "Drumscapes are direct to digital, live recordings of fully produced studio drum tracks. In addition, each song track includes every individual drum and cymbal hit for digital sampling."
The recording quality is extremely good: the sounds are very punchy, full-bodied, and the drum patterns are tight and perfectly looped. The single hits also are recorded very well, so it's easy to create your own drum kits, picking and choosing from the different volumes.
The vibe here is for the most part on the acoustic side of rock/pop, with the occasional venture into hip-hop or Motown - These samples are really good and if you play any of the styles listed here below, you will not be disappointed:
* Rhythm & Blues
* Hip Hop/Rap
* Adult Contemporary/Light Jazz Ballad
* Medium Rock
* Fast Heavy Rock
* Power Ballad
* Fast Shuffle
* Slow Shuffle
* Pop/Country Ballad
* Fast Techno Rock
* Medium Techno Rock
* Uptempo Funk
* Slow Motown
and as a bonus there's also a full set of percussion samples.

If links die, I will reupload at here.

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