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OFRM Geotrade 5.60 Maps & JCV
OFRM Geotrade 5.60 Maps & JCV

OFRM Geotrade 5.60 Maps & JCV | 751 MB

Roadmap Bulgaria ABOUT Garmin GPS is a complex product, incorporating the data on intercity roads in the country, street network in the settlements, off-road routes, hiking trails and many interesting sites of the most diverse nature. It is destined for a wide range of users, the goal is to satisfy the needs of both ordinary drivers, and the off-road enthusiasts.
Advantages the Maps:

5 537 settlements * (against 5 300 in the last version)

Search in addresses in 95 * locations (as opposed to 88 settlements in the last version)
Search by blocks in 55 * locations (as opposed to 50 settlements in the last version)
Streets in over 165 locations * (against the 156 settlements in the last version)
Nearly 40,000 POI - gas stations, hotels, restaurants, shops, Wi-Fi points, the 100 national tourist sites and others. * (Against 24,500 POI in last version)
Added new tourist and Off-Road routes, roads and paths. *
Information on vegetation cover throughout the country.
Iso lines in 25 meters
Updated data for the 100-tourist sites in Bulgaria. *
Full support for the Bulgarian language - including demand.

If links die, I will reupload at here.

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