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Sonokinetic Maasai 1.2 KONTAKT
Sonokinetic Maasai 1.2 KONTAKT

Sonokinetic Maasai 1.2 KONTAKT | 1.76 GB

Sprung from ancient traditions and rituals, music has captured the souls and spirits of millions of people since the dawn of time.
These deep roots of the origin of music are found best on the original motherland of the human race. Recorded on location deep within the Kenyan tribal village communities we discovered an unprecedented rich culture of rhythms and songs, and chants that capture your imagination. Scraping the surface of this vast cultural heritage Russ Landau and Sonokinetic invested in producing a collection of samples that are unmatched in authenticity, realism, power and beauty. Lomax would have been jealous and anxious if he’d knew what would be possible with modern technology.
What’s in this volume:

Core samples: 1 instrument patch containing:

Vocals collection (Males, Females, Children and combinations)
Tribe Ensemble performances (instrument & vocals combined)
Instruments (ensembles & groups)
Drums & Percussion
Composition (By Russ Landau)

1 instrument for Kontakt 4.1 and higher with 3 tab screens -Main View, Effects and Convolutions, and a credits tab
-Convolution reverb applied to the multi instrument to represent the original acoustic space. 4 impulses available
-Sonokinetic clickable IR spherea design knob
-Dynamic sample loading & purging for efficient memory usage
-Customizable instrument grouping and mapping – build your own patches to suit your needs.
570+ sampled looped samples. (1,89 GB sample content)

Collection Specifications:
Vocals: (Boys & Girls Choir Umoja, Boys Village Choir, Female Village Choir, Kombe Choir, Maasai Hunting Chant, Maasai Male Singing, Male Village Choir, Shaman Singing, Girls Choir, Zulu Chant).
Tribe Ensembles: Kenyan Village music, Basoa, Hamuna, Lamawase, Momabassa Females, Momabassa Solo, Momabassa wind instruments, Momabassa Sung, Slum Kids Choir, Tribal singing, Weyambolo, Yesawe, Zambewe, Behi Vox and Drums.
Drums & Percussion: Drum loops, Shabone No Vox, Swining Conga, Enigma Drum, Drumloop solo, Mombassa, Village Percussion.
Instruments: Horn & Percussion combination, Abu Flute, Kambanane, Kambanane Large, Turkana Horn, Turkana Horn and Drums.
Compositions: BalaBala, Mosamba, Okoppi, Samawa (by Russ Landau).

All files in 44.1 kHz
24 Bit Wave
Programmed from Kontakt 4.1 and higher

Maasai Update 1.2 fixlist - Midi routing issues (channel 1 + group bug)

Note: If you have interface issues, run Maasai Installer or copy images to their location according to the manual (images_location.rtf)

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