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CST Studio Suite 2011'
CST Studio Suite 2011'

CST Studio Suite 2011 | 3.52 GB

The electromagnetic simulation software CST STUDIO SUITE is the culmination of many years of research and development into the most efficient and accurate computational solutions to electromagnetic design. It comprises CST’s tools for the design and optimization of devices operating in a wide range of frequencies – static to optical. Analyses may include thermal and mechanical effects, as well as circuit simulation. All programs are accessible through a common interface with facilitates circuit and multi-physics co-simulation.
CST STUDIO SUITE comprises the following modules:

CST MICROWAVE STUDIO (CST MWS) is a specialist tool for the fast and accurate 3D EM simulation of high frequency problems. Along with a broad application range, CST MICROWAVE STUDIOŽ offers considerable product to market advantages: Shorter development cycles - Virtual prototyping before physical trials - Optimisation instead of experimentation.

CST PARTICLE STUDIO has been developed for the fully consistent simulation of free moving charged particles. Applications include electron guns, cathode ray tubes, magnetrons, and wake fields.

CST EM STUDIO (CST EMS) is an easy-to-use tool for the analysis and design of static and low frequency EM applications such as motors, sensors, actuators, transformers, and shielding effects.

CST PCB STUDIO (CST PCBS) for the simulation of SI/PI and EMC/EMI on printed circuit boards.

CST CABLE STUDIO (CST CS) for the simulation of signal and power integrity and EMC/EMI analysis of cable harnesses.

CST MPHYSICS STUDIO (CST MPS) for thermal and mechanical stress analysis.

CST MICROSTRIPES (CST MS) is an alternative time domain module for 3D EM simulation, particularly of EMC applications.

CST DESIGN STUDIO (CST DS) provides a powerful design environment in which the results from diverse simulators can be combined and analysed.


CST proudly announces the upcoming release 2011 of its electromagnetic simulation software CST STUDIO SUITE. With over 60 man years of research and development and over 3000 functional changes, CST STUDIO SUITE 2011 again sets the standard for electromagnetic simulation software. The focal points of 2011 development can be briefly summarized as implementing and integrating new solver technology, improving simulation performance and extending the applicability.

Highlights of CST STUDIO SUITE 2011

o CST MWS transient solver
o Sensitivity analysis
o Dispersive surface impedance models and ohmic sheets.
o Coated materials
o Temperature dependent electrical material properties
o Integration of CST MICROSTRIPES
o CST MWS frequency domain solvers
o Arbitrary order curved elements
o Domain decomposition and cluster computing
o Eigenmode and fast resonant solver on tetrahedral grids
o CST MWS integral equation solver
o Domain decomposition and cluster computing for MLFMM
o Multiple farfield sources for installed antenna performance simulation
o CST MWS asymptotic solver
o Multiple farfield sources for installed antenna performance simulation
o Coated materials
o Ohmic sheets
o Integration of CST MWS into the Cadence SiP design flow

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