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Rosetta Stone v3'
Rosetta Stone v3'

Rosetta Stone v3 | 3.73 GB

Rosetta Stone - the best program of its kind to study foreign languages ??at home

Flash technique allows you to teach you how in his childhood began to teach their native language - no rules, by immersion, multiple repetition and the formation of association of a number of different areas of life, development patterns and automatisms in principle from the simple to complex, from a practical perception of writing and rules.
This program will teach you not to think automatically perceive and reproduce the most ubiquitous conversational grammatical constructions that are necessary for activation of your conversation and start chatting.
Rosetta Stone teaches language through a sequence of carefully structured lessons, called "Dynamic Immersion" ™. New words become associated with familiar objects, actions and thoughts. Words form phrases and sentences in a systematic progression.
Studies show that learning exclusively in the language in which you want to learn, is essential if you want to achieve. Study alone grammar and rote memorization does not allow you to speak a new language. Dynamic Immersion helps you think in the new language quickly develops the language skills and structures, with the aid of which, you are communicating.
The choice of a context, the association with the mother tongue.
Rosetta Stone presents a carefully selected set of four images and asks you to choose an image that corresponds to the written text and voices of native speakers. Based on the knowledge that you have received in their home environment when studying their native language, you will intuitively guess the purpose of each picture and choose. There is absolutely no translation or memorization process, so you start making progress immediately.
Remembering the language of the association under study
When you finish the exercises, Rosetta Stone provides feedback. You say the word, and recognized at a unique technology allows your voice, automatically evaluates your pronunciation. Combine image with a phrase and you'll see neprosredstvenno - was whether your choice is correct. After a full cycle of exercises - you will see how well you match the examples.
Systematic sequence, "... from simple to complex"

1 - Extract
2 - Mount
3 - Enjoy

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