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Camel Audio Soundbanks for Native Instruments Absynth
Camel Audio Soundbanks for Native Instruments Absynth

Camel Audio Soundbanks for Native Instruments Absynth | 912.29 MB

Biolabs Absynth Sounds 1 3

Biolabs Absynth Sounds 4 6 Darkness and Light
Starscape Absynth Sounds
Biolabs Absynth Sounds 1 3
The library includes three volumes of 128 sounds: bio:synthesis, bio:rhythmics and bio:sfx+atmospheres. Every preset has at least four specially selected rapid access controllers, giving you fast access to the most important parameters. The sounds have also been tagged with attributes to make it easy to search for the sounds you need.

Biolabs Absynth Sounds Vols 4 6
[biolabs] Absynth Sounds Vols 4 6 Darkness and Light is the second half of the Biolabs library featuring nearly 400 presets for Absynth and over 350 MB of specially created samples. The sounds have been expertly programmed by Biomechanoid, a respected sound designer and one of the prinCENZURAl authors of the Absynth and Alchemy factory sounds. Were giving away 30 free demo presets for you to get a taste!

Starscapes Absynth Sounds
Starscape Absynth Sounds is a collection of 250 high quality presets for Absynth, designed by Tim Conrardy, featuring evolving, moving textures, alien ethnic instruments, intricate rhythms, spacial basses and leads, and otherworldly sound effects.

These meticulously designed patches have numerous performance controls assigned for easy tweaking and spontaneous far flung sound explorations!

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