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Data: 31 Lipiec 2011
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Nissan Fast Release 2011-06 (v4.61)
Nissan Fast Release 2011-06 (v4.61)

Nissan Fast Release 2011-06 | 1.52 GB
Updated directory of Nissan parts in Europe - only left hand drive (EL) for yuin 2011!

Setting the standard: to mount the virtual drive, open the image, copy the files to a folder EL (or anyone in what is Europe).

absolutely without a drum set and is working on windows7 home extended x64!! checked personally!
The installation program from scratch to produce:
0. Mount a virtual drive (I-Alcohol 120% works without problems. Using Total Commanderie may be a problem - lost files when unpacking)
1. In the mounted image - with folders FASTPRG \ Win2000 \ Setup run and set the path of installation (placed on any hard, not only C \)
2. On drive C \ (D, E, G) where you originally pointed the way to the folder Nissan create additional folders \ EL. US. IN. ELINF etc. .. (Preferably to label EL1; US1, etc ..., because from time to time with somebody, I have problems because of the folder names)
3. In each folder to unpack the images; EL - in EL and so on (ie in the form of all the files from the EL, GL, and so you create a copy on the hard disk of the same name folder. When you copy an update moves all the new files "with replacement" with the exception of the file FASTPRG. His leaving the old one)
4. Next, find the file C: \ Nissan \ nfset.exe and run it. Tab set-up CD-Rom
Of the path separately for each folder (C: \ Nissan \ El, C: \ Nissan \ EL_Inf, C: \ Nissan \ Us)
5. Create a shortcut to the file zapusknoe: X \ NISSAN \ Nfmenu.exe
6. Everything works

This guide - the total for Nissan Fast. When installing the hand you only get the folder EL (Left Hand Drive Europe). Other regions are looking for on the site.

Year: 2011
Release Date: 2011-06
Version: 4-61 (or 6.0)
Developer: NISSAN

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