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Accelrys Materials Studio v5.5-ZWTiSO
Accelrys Materials Studio v5.5-ZWTiSO

Accelrys Materials Studio v5.5-ZWTiSO | Windows | 672 MB

Materials Studio is a comprehensive materials modeling and simulation application designed for scientists in chemicals and materials R&D as well as pharmaceuticals development. Materials Studio reduces the time needed to solve complex calculations with:

- Industry-leading graphical user environments

- State-of-the-art simulation technology from quantum to atomistic to mesoscale
- Powerful statistical tools for structure-property relationships
- Materials Studio provides a comprehensive set of scientific capabilities for modeling crystal structure and crystallization processes; for property prediction for molecules, polymers, catalysts, and other materials; and for the development of structure-activity relationships.

With Materials Studio you can:

-Reduce the number of costly and often lengthy experiments needed to bring a product to market
-Minimize the time needed to set up and solve complex calculations
-Make well-informed decisions in research on a wide range of systems including catalysts, polymers, specialty chemicals, advanced materials and drug development

Homepage: hxtp://

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