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Data: 29 Lipiec 2011
Kategoria: PROGRAMY » Pozostałe

The Witcher with Wineskin (Gold-Edition) version 1.1 MacOSX
The Witcher with Wineskin (Gold-Edition) version 1.1 MacOSX

The Witcher (Gold Edition) v1.1 (Intel Wineskin) (MacOSX) | 6 GB
The Witcher Review

New battle mechanics, a fantastic storyline, and a gritty setting make The Witcher one of the most engrossing, mature RPGs to arrive on the PC in years.

The Good
Dark, foreboding world that looks, sounds, and feels lived in Fantastic story populated by realistic NPCs with realistic problems Innovative new combat mechanics add depth in place of mindless clicking Cinematic visuals and a superb soundtrack.
The Bad

Could have done a better job introducing the new combat mechanics Odd dialogue and somewhat cheesy voice acting.
Don't be afraid of change. Even though The Witcher may scare off some people with inventive combat that replaces comfortable old rapid-fire clicking with rhythmic sword swinging, there is no need to avoid one of the deepest, most role-playing games to hit the PC in years. Polish developer CD Projekt has crafted one of those landmark games that moves the goalposts for everybody, a truly grown-up take on swords and sorcery that breaks just about every fantasy tradition in the book. Once you experience a grimy medieval world so realistic that you can practically smell it, quests that reject simplistic good and evil for ambiguous "decisions and consequences," and, yes, newfangled battle mechanics that add welcome twists to left-click scrapping, you'll find it awfully hard to go back to the usual D&D rip-off.

Built on a 2007 edition of the Aurora Engine that powers Neverwinter Nights, The Witcher is something of a cross between action RPGs such as Diablo and more complex plate-mail potboilers such as Neverwinter Nights. Essentially, the developers work both sides of the street. On the one hand, you have exactly one character choice in the form of greasy-haired Geralt of Rivia, the monster-hunting mercenary "witcher" of the title, along with other ostensibly dumbed-down features such as big bunches of combat and Gatling-gun-quick leveling up. But on the other hand, you also get a postwar fantasy world called Temeria that feels lived in (if not postapocalyptic), as well as plot points that involve serious moral choices. Story and setting have been borrowed from The Last Wish, a Polish fantasy novel published way back in 1990 by Andrzej Sapkowski, and for once such an adaptation has been pulled off successfully.

If you do not see enemies, put the game in full-screen through WineskinSettings -> set screen options (right mouse button on the game, show package content). I prefer windowed mode. (Translated Google)


How to change to English:

On the main menu you have to click on third button
1. you will see the settings pane with 2 sliders slithly under the upper menu
2. you have to slide the two slider to the left (the names before sliders will change to something with an "a" on the beginning - "a..." word stand for english)
3. and then hit the right button on the bottom to accept changes

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