Data: 24 Lipiec 2011
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CimatronE 9.0 SP1-CAXiSO
CimatronE 9.0 SP1-CAXiSO

CimatronE 9.0 SP1-CAXiSO | 3.95 GB

CimatronE Version 9.0 release introduces over 200 significant enhancements for Mold Makers, Die Makers and manufacturers,providing exceptional value for customers on maintenance as well as extensive competitive advantage for new customers.

With Cimatron’s winning concept of flexible automation, additional built-in analysis capabilities, and overall performance improvements, CimatronE 9.0 delivers a new level of user experience.

The new release includes new functionality and improvements in the areas of quoting, tool design, drafting, electrode creation, and NC programming, providing toolmakers and manufacturers with further productivity gains across all individual modules as well as the complete integrated solution.

Contents :
CimatronE 9.0

If links die, I will reupload at here.

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Mirror: 9.0.part01.rar:// 9.0.part01.rar 9.0.part02.rar:// 9.0.part02.rar 9.0.part03.rar:// 9.0.part03.rar 9.0.part04.rar:// 9.0.part04.rar 9.0.part05.rar:// 9.0.part05.rar 9.0.part06.rar:// 9.0.part06.rar 9.0.part07.rar:// 9.0.part07.rar 9.0.part08.rar:// 9.0.part08.rar 9.0.part09.rar:// 9.0.part09.rar

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