Data: 24 Lipiec 2011
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Homegrown Sounds Collection (Kontakt)
Homegrown Sounds Collection (Kontakt)
Homegrown Sounds Collection (Kontakt) | 2.75GB

Homegrown 800, Radiance,Organic Chaos,Timbres, Full Frequency

01 Homegrown.Sounds.Full.Frequency:
Combining subtle, futuristic textures with warmly atmospheric pads, this Sample CD, FULL FREQUENCY is perfect for creating film scores, and contains a wealth of sounds capable of adding a haunting, mellow ambience to just about any kind of music. References here include Labradford, Vangelis, and Fripp/Eno.[/center]

02 Homegrown.Sounds.Homegrown.800:
This Sample CD is a beautiful collection of stunning resonant textures and dreamy atmospheric pads, HOMEGROWN 800 provides inspirational source material for the creation of evocative soundscapes, classy Chill-Out grooves, and funky intelligent dance music. Indeed, the depth and quality of sounds on this sample CD evoke many musical reference points, including The Orb, Brian Eno, David Sylvian and Air. As used by The Electro-Acoustic Ensemble.

03 Homegrown.Sounds.Organic.Chaos:
This sample CD contains Constructive and Destructive elements to grungify and elevate your musical projects. The pads and textures comprising. ORGANIC CHAOS have all been remixed by an unknown deity residing in a distant galaxy, a master of otherworldy orchestrations and evocative ambience, a being whose sonic powers can re-inspire artistic creativity at the touch of a key, and whose earthly reference points include, among others, Autechre, Faust, Sun Ra and Apocalypse Now.

04 Homegrown.Sounds.Radiance:
This Sample CD is a new collection of Pads and textures to add to the Homegrown Sample Library. This collection ranges from angelic beautiful 'scapes in the region of Eno, Budd through to darker harsher sounds, Trans Global Underground and Coil etc... The sounds can be used for any project requiring an interesting flavour, and will be a great addition to any studio. The Sample CD contains 200 long Wavs with well defined loop points weiging in at a huge 675mb.

05 Homegrown.Sounds.Timbres:
This Sample CD has a distinctly electronic feel, TIMBRES is a collection of vibrantly retro sounds spanning the musical spectrum, suitable for any kind of electronic music (with some outstanding techno leads along the way!), from krautrock through to Vangelis, Orbital and the Aphex Twin


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