Data: 23 Lipiec 2011
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Best Service Ethno World 3 Complete HYBRiD
Best Service Ethno World 3 Complete HYBRiD
Best Service Ethno World 3 Complete HYBRiD | 3.94 Gb

Marcel Barsottis Ethno World 3 Complete is one of the biggest ethno libraries and contains 40 new rare ethnic instruments plus the complete content of Ethno World 1 and Ethno World 2. This collection contains a huge number of ethnic instruments and sets new standards in sound quality and in the technical playing styles of ethnic instruments. Within more than 5 Gigabytes of sample material, you will find instrument sounds in a variety of playing styles, loops in different tempi,licks and an enormous selection of special effects. EthnoWorld 3 Complete ha s amazing sound quality.[/center]

Categories: Bell Type Instruments - Bowed Instruments - Gongs & Bowls - Key Instruments - Metal Type Instruments - Stringed Instruments - Woodwind & Brass - World Drums - World Percussion - Construction Sets. Marcel Barsotti is one of the most famous German film music composers. He composed the film music for Das Wunder von Bern (The Miracle of Bern) - Dolphins - Kebab Connection - Sirga the Lioness...

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