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Multiboot Disk Chip Windows XP DVD/ENG 2011.06
Multiboot Disk Chip Windows XP DVD/ENG 2011.06

Multiboot Disk Chip Windows XP DVD/ENG 2011.06 | 4.37 GB

Installation is performed automatically as well as in normal mode.Enter the serial number is not required!

In dual-present:

Automatic installation of Chip Windows XP 2011.06 Driver - The system is placed fully automatically, you only need to select the section which will stand the system, the driver put machine during installation. It is possible to choose the driver to install.
Automatic installation of Chip Windows XP 2011.06 without drivers - The system is placed fully automatically, you only need to select the section which will stand the system. No drivers.
Standard installation Chip Windows XP SP3 Rus (Recovery Console) - A typical installation of Chip Windows XP 2011.06 Rus (Manual input their data). Recovery Console is used for resuscitating operating systems. No drivers.
Chip Boot CD 1.5 (May 2011) - The collection of essential utilities gathered by me from the Russian assembly Hiren Boot CD from lexapass.
Acronis Rescue Media 2009 - A new set of software from Acronis to work with hard drives: backup, data recovery, partition management, etc.
LiveCD winXP RusLive RAM from NIKZZZZa (2011.06.19) - Windows LiveCD from NIKZZZZ boot into RAM. One of the fastest Live CD.Zagruzhaetsya for 1 min. 40 seconds! Requires at least 256 MB of RAM.

Chip Boot CD 1.5:
Partition Magic Pro Server 8.05 -
allows you to create, resize, merge and convert partitions on your hard drive without destroying data. The program has a user-friendly graphical interface with full mouse support.
Symantec Norton Ghost 11.5.1 -
allows you to create disc images and record them on hard drives and other types of media. The new version can run from CD-recorders, and a DVD-recorder. Allows you to copy the entire hard disk, and its separate sections.
Astra System Info 5.48 (20.12.2010) -
a compact program, giving out detailed information about your hardware. In terms of features similar to the popular program Everest.
Memtest86 + 4.20 -
a free utility, the best way to test the computer's memory.
Victoria 3.52 Rus -
a powerful tool for the diagnosis of HDD. Complete solution for the full, deep, and at the same time the most rapid assessment of the actual technical state HDD. The program collected the reach of most proprietary diagnostic tools for the HDD.
HDD Regenerator, 2011 -
A program to recover hard disks - able to recover bad sectors (not hide them, namely restoring) the method of demagnetization.
Volkov Commander 4.99 (NTFS +) -
one of the popular file managers for the operating system, DOS, clone Norton Commander.
Active Password Changer 3.0.420 (NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista) -
a utility that allows you to reset or change the administrative password on the operating systems Windows NT/2000/XP/2003.
MHDD 4.6 -
Software complex for accurate diagnosis and minor repair of hard drives. Description Developer: Able to drive at a low level, directly from the IDE controller ports

If links die, I will reupload at here.

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