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All Toontrack Updated (07/2011)
All Toontrack Updated (07/2011)
All Toontrack Updated (07/2011) | 994.89 MB

This file contains All Toontrack Updates For PC & MAC as of 04.04.2011.I have not compressed these files so that seperate parts of it can be downloadeed, This is handy if you only need certain bits and not all.[/center]


Toontrack All (Most Recent) Keymaker
ToonTrack EZDrummer Update 1.2.0 (PC & MAC)
ToonTrack EZmix v1.0.2 Update (PC & MAC)
ToonTrack EZPlayer PRO v1.0.7 Update (PC & MAC)
ToonTrack Solo v1.30 Update (PC & MAC)
ToonTrack Superior Drummer 2.2.2 Update (PC & MAC)
ToonTrack Superior Drummer v2.2.3 Update (PC & MAC)
TT146 Metal Foundry Presets - Andy Sneap (PC & MAC)
Monster MIDI Packs 1-4 (PC & MAC)
Toontrack - Library_of_the_Extreme
Toontrack - Monster Midi Pack 5 - Rock Songs (PC & MAC)
Toontrack - Monster Midi Pack 6 - Songwriters Drumpack (PC& MAC)
ToonTrack EZDrummer Pro MIDI Addons
Toontrack EZDrummer Superior Drummer Pro MIDI Loop Addons II
(This Midi Pack Contains all available MIDI for EZD & SD to Date)

Some people are having a problem when using The updates for EZDrummer and Superior Drummer installers on Windows 7 x64
So i have extracted the updated files and zipped them if the update installer fails for some reason then use the Extracted version. Just unzip the chosen update then drag and drop the files into their directories.
These updates typically contain the VSTi Plugin Updated Manuals and Midi. This method of updating does work as i have personally used it.
I recommend using the proper installer but if it does fail
(Due to pirated key) an error message will appear telling you that the files can't be read, This is a lie and only happens when you key has been found to be pirated. This ONLY happens with the EZDrummer and Superior Drummer updates and not to everyone, so i extracted the updates for this type of situation. All other updtes apart from these will install OK using the original update setup.



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