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Data: 20 Lipiec 2011
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Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006 Full (Portable)
Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006 Full (Portable)

Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006 Full (Ptable) | 995 Mb
Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006 offers easy to use tools with an abundance of creative effects and fun designs f sharing and enjoy your photos. Not the best choice f serious tasks f photo editing but the learning curve is very small and the duties of the wizard will help users of the new photo edit feel comftable very quickly. Beginners and casual home users who want to retouch photos experiment with effects and print creative projects will find great value in Digital Image Suite 2006.

Microsoft Digital Image software is best suited f users who want simplified tools f ganizing and image enhancement as well as a variety of professional-looking templates that can be personalized and produced without a lot of noise. The software comes with step-by-step wizards and tutials to get you started quickly and offers thousands of design templates f creating projects f the company at home and children. F serious photo manipulation the tools are somewhat limited and difficult to wk but will not disappoint those looking f a simple way to touch up photos experiment with creative effects and create fun projects.

Photo # Library to navigate and ganize photos and video clips with labels captions ratings and flags.
# Photo Edit with a layout based on tasks and an emphasis on simplicity and creative projects.
# Tasks Guided help you play your photos and add effects and then use them in creative projects.
# Mini-labaty f batch processing multiple photos at the same time (rotate resize contrast and auto-crection exposure and col).
# Creative tools include disttion brush text effects animation lines and shapes freehand painting frames and bders.
# Includes over 200 effects filters and additional suppts Photoshop-compatible plugins.
# 3000 project templates f greeting cards labels calendars labels frames stationery crafts and me.
# Includes Photo Sty 3 to create photo slide show movies.
# Panama stitching tool can align and combine multiple photos into a picture perfect.

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