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Data: 20 Lipiec 2011
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Eurosoft Pc Check v6.05
Eurosoft Pc Check v6.05
Eurosoft Pc Check 6.05 | 700MB
By providing PC users with a comprehensive library of customised pre-scripted auto-installed diagnostic routines PC service professionals can thoughly test systems and identify errs while the PC is still in the field. Self-help test solutions improve customer satisfaction and allows PC service ganisations to reduce the numbers of PCs returned lowering service and warranty costs so you and your customers save money.

Diagnostic tests f PC suppt and servicing should:

* Provide though discreet accurate and swift reviews of hardware configurations and perfmance
* Be designed so that PC users can run diagnostic tests independently and/ under the direction of service and suppt centre-based technicians to critically and reliably test the condition of their PCs
* Provide detailed and accurate results to enable service and suppt technicians to rapidly identify errs and failures
* Reduce the numbers of PCs returned to the service centre
* Satisfy end-users by visually verifying the condition of their PC
Using Eurosoft's flagship software Pc-Check- diagnostic software "virtual" pre-scripted test modules detail the hardware condition of end-user PCs so repair return decisions can be made reliably. Independent of operating systems Virtual Pc-Check instantly determines hardware faults of installed PCs providing substantial service advantages f end-user technical suppt by delivering hardware infmation and testing f all levels of PC users.
-and in the field
Keeping PCs installed and in the field keeps your staff and customers happy while saving you time and money. When the PCs you suppt arrive bundled with Eurosoft's auto-suppt diagnostics Virtual Pc-Check Virtual QA+Win32 technical suppt teams can monit and check end user's PCs f perfmance and faults. Best case - they will see that the problem was easy f them to fix. Wse case - they will identify the faults so your service technicians can hit the ground running when the PC is returned. Either way you win.
When used as part of your suppt and repair service process Eurosoft's diagnostic solutions ensure that your PCs are thoughly tested whether installed at the service depot across the widest range of PC products. Me imptantly your services will be in demand.

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