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Groove 3 Logic 9 Explained & Producing Hard Rock with Logic
Groove 3 Logic 9 Explained & Producing Hard Rock with Logic

Groove 3 - Logic 9 Explained - 1.16 GB
Groove 3 - Producing Hard Rock with Logic - 4.81 GB


Presented by Apple Logic Certified Pro Eli Krantzberg, this series is the best way to go if you want to know the vast Apple Logic 9 inside and out. These aren't 'rehashed Logic 8' videos, they're completely new videos shot entirely in the new Logic 9.

Follow Eli as he takes you on an incredible journey with the new Logic 9 showing you all of its amazing features and functions as well as getting you up and running from scratch. You'll see how to start a session, configure your hardware, understand files and regions, window overviews, recording and editing audio and MIDI, all the way to bouncing your masterpiece for CD and the internet, and so much more! There is not a more thorough single offering for Logic 9. Become a master today.

Product Hightlights

* 40 Tutorials / Almost 5 Hours Total Runtime
* For all beginner to intermediate Logic 9 users
* Tutorials written by Apple Logic Certified Pro Eli Krantzberg
* Simple to use video control interface for Mac & PC
* Watch Online, Download, Boxed Disc, Stream to iPad, iPhone & iPod

Topics Include:

Creating a Project
Basic Hardware Setup
Understanding Files & Regions
Arrange Window Overview
Exploring the Loop Browser
Basic Transport Commands
Basic Navigation Functions
Tracks & Channel Strips
Exploring the Library
Exploring the Audio Bin
Working with Tools
Arrange Window Tool Functions
Setting the Project Tempo
Tempo Based on Audio Files
Creating Tracks
Configuring the Track Header
MIDI Record Setup
Overdubbing MIDI
MIDI Cycle & Take Folder Record
Record Modes & Punching-In
Layering & Intro to MIDI Editor
Piano Roll Editor Pt. 1
Piano Roll Editor Pt. 2
The Hyper Editor
Audio Recording Setup
I/O Labels & Send Effects
Setting Up a Headphone Mix
Recording a Vocalist Live
Auto-Punch & Take Folder Recording
Loop Recording Audio
Quick Swipe Comping
Take Folder Editing
Basic Audio Editing
The Flex Tool
Flex View Slicing Mode
Easy Stutter Effects
Working with Plug-Ins
Working with Key Commands
Working with Track Automation
Bounce to Disc


All new for 2010, the "Mad Man from Louisiana" Scott Griggs returns with a killer Logic 9 music production series, "Producing Hard Rock with Logic". This in-depth series starts with nothing, and ends with a serious "Rawk' n Roll" track as only Scott could do it.

Throughout your musical journey with Scott and Logic 9, you'll learn invaluable techniques and methods for creating killer guitar sounds, realistic drum parts, interesting arrangements, slick automation tips & tricks, vocal editing, sound effect creation and so much more.

This series is focused on a hard rock track, but you can easily use the theories and principles on any genre production. The techniques and procedures shown are truly universal and will further expand your ever growing Logic 9 mind. Get your hands on "Producing Hard Rock with Logic" today...

Product Highlights

* 39 Tutorials / Over 5 Hours Total Runtime
* For all intermediate to advanced Logic 9 users
* Written by Apple Logic "Mad Man" Scott Griggs
* Simple to use video control interface for Mac & PC

Topics Include:

Pre Production Tips
Creating a Template
Tap Tempo
Designing Amps
Channel Strip Settings
Custom Guitar Tones
3rd Party Guitar Sims
Bass Guitar Prep
Drum Prep

Build & Arrange
Verse Guitar
Verse Bass & Drums
The Chorus
Intro Perc & Bass
Intro Guitars
Piano Verse
Rough Sketch

Sugar & Spice
Fill it Up
Top it Off
Percussion Party
The March Pt. 1
The March Pt. 2
On with the Synths

Guitar Solo!
The Solo Pt. 1
The Solo Pt. 2
The Solo Pt. 3

Vocals & FX
Bring on the Vox Pt. 1
Bring on the Vox_Pt. 2
Creepy Sounds

Clean it up!
Hit Me
Scratchin' Automation
Vocal Automation Pt. 1
Vocal Automation Pt. 2
Vocal Flex
Piano Verse Effects
Piano Effect Automation
Synth Adjustments
March Madness
Closing Time[/center][/center]

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