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Data: 18 Lipiec 2011
Kategoria: PROGRAMY » Pozostałe

Adobe Photoshop Elements v9.0 Multilingual Retail (11.2010/Mac)
Adobe Photoshop Elements v9.0 Multilingual Retail (11.2010/Mac)
Adobe Photoshop Elements v9.0 Multilingual Retail (11.2010/Mac) | 4 Gb

Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 - Extraordinary photos Amazing stories. The #1 selling consumer photo-editing software.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 photo-editing software delivers powerful options that make it easy to create extraordinary photos, quickly share your memories in Online Albums and unique print creations, and automatically organize and help protect all your photos and video clips.

Program Type: Graphics-editor
Release Date: Nevember 2010
Interface Language: MULTiLANGUAGE
Platform: Mac OS X v10.5.8 through v10.6
File Format: .iso
File Size: 4 Gb[/center]

New Features

• Easily match a favorite photo style - Want to imitate a favorite photography style, like a dramatic high contrast or a beautiful color tone? Photomerge Style Match analyzes the stylistic qualities of any photo you choose and then automatically applies those qualities to another photo.

• Instantly unclutter or repair photos - Is your photo cluttered with telephone wires, tourists, or passing cars? Make unwanted elements vanish with one stroke of the enhanced Spot Healing Brush, which beautifully blends even the most complex background. Also, instantly fix old or torn photos so you can make new prints.

• Quickly share photos and videos on Facebook - Conveniently share photos and videos on Facebook directly from the Organizer, which automatically optimizes your media so it looks its best.

• Get just the right look - Access every photo-editing option from within your creation layouts so you can customize any detail you wish.

• Conveniently print photo creations at home - Admire and share your photos in custom wall calendars, greeting cards, and photo books that you can print with your home printer.

• Create fuller panoramas - Easily create your best-looking panoramas yet. With its enhanced blending capabilities, Photomerge Panorama fills in jagged edges as it automatically stitches together multiple horizontal or vertical photos.

• Create stunning photo effects - Easily create stunning effects that enhance your photos with professional style. New Guided Edits help you create pop art masterpieces, reflection effects, LOMO camera style photography effects†, and more.

• Create the way you want - Make photo creations the way that works best for you thanks to Basic and Advanced design modes that let you choose your level of control. (Access more layouts and get ongoing deliveries with Plus.)

• Create richly layered photos - Bring new sophistication to your photos. Reveal one portion of a photo through another photo by using layer masks to control the transparency of specific areas.

• Get creative inspiration - Bring your ideas to life with relevant tutorials that appear just when you need them.

System requirements:

- Multicore Intel processor
- Mac OS X v10.5.8 through v10.6
- 1GB of RAM (2GB for HD video functions)
- 3.4GB of available hard-disk space (additional free space required during installation)
- 1024x768 display resolution
- DVD-ROM drive
- QuickTime 7 software (required if importing QuickTime formats)
- Internet connection required for Internet-based services

Download Filesonic


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