Data: 17 Lipiec 2011
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eCar v.1.3.4 (2007-2011)
eCar v.1.3.4 (2007-2011)
eCar v.1.3.4 (2007-2011) | 3.71 GB

This distribution for those with a catalog eCar not registered on the server at the dealer, or a computer that is running the program does not have access to the Internet. Update only to Russian-language interface

Electronic Catalogue of the Polish merchant of body parts, optics, elements of the cooling, heating and air conditioning. The catalog also contains parts: suspension (shock absorbers, springs), consumables (filters, belts, brake pads), steering (lugs, traction control, hydraulic boosters).
There are crosses on the OE and aftermarket parts makers, searching for the original number or part of it.
To start the program's need to fill out a registration form, where specific values must be filled in the fields Customer ID and the distributor code (taken from the hands on the tracker).[/center]

Extras. Information:
Catalog has a photo database and range from 27 to 125, everyone else in the folder with the update. For compatibility updates during installation choose to install the Russian-language catalog and photos on disc. Also, if you have not installed external components are required for the directory during installation you will ask them to install (they are present on the disk and you will report what is missing, tick the box and forward)

I will check, If link dead, I will reupload at here


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