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Data: 16 Lipiec 2011
Kategoria: PROGRAMY » Pozostałe

AutoForm Plus R3 4.5 (x86/x64)
AutoForm Plus R3 4.5 (x86/x64)

AutoForm Plus R3 4.5 (x86/x64) | 1.57 GB
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AutoForm provides solutions all along the sheet metal forming process chain. They range from stand-alone modules for small and mid-size companies to complete, integrated multi-module systems for large companies.

About AutoForm Engineering GmbH

AutoForm was founded in 1995 in Zurich, Switzerland. Since then, AutoForm has grown continuously and rapidly, and the company is now recognized as the leading provider of software solutions for die design and sheet metal forming simulation.
Today, over 2'500 users in more than 500 companies in 40 countries around the world, trust in and rely on AutoForm for their key engineering and manufacturing operations. Leading the way in research and development, AutoForm's innovations for rapid and reliable validation of design, engineering and manufacturing processes have profoundly revolutionized the market.
Producing tremendous improvements in quality, time and cost, AutoForm is an acknowledged industry standard at virtually every automotive OEM and at leading suppliers of tooling, stampings and materials worldwide.

AutoForm plus R3 – Outstanding Accuracy and Speed

This release excels at a new level of accuracy and speed. Superior performance in parallel computing enables users to take advantage of high speed-up factors on multi-cores, which now require fewer solver licenses. Moreover, AutoForm plus R3 contains new functionalities for hot forming and heating and helps users prevent springback in a systematic way.

AutoForm plus R3 is the third major release of the new product line AutoForm plus. AutoForm’s intense focus on accurate results and short computation times has led to this release which incorporates several innovative features. The main one offers predefined control parameter settings for the different stages in the engineering workflow. The three different control parameter settings – Concept Evaluation (CE), Advanced Concept Evaluation (CE+) and Final Validation (FV) – are aligned so as to minimize differences when switching from one setting to the next. This new concept prevents over-engineering and ensures the user the right accuracy at the right time. As a result, the efficiency of the engineering process can be significantly increased.

AutoForm plus R3 offers more options in the parallel computing field. The shared memory multiprocessing (SMP) solver version is now available not only for 2 and 4 cores but also for 3 and 8. At the same time, the number of licenses needed to perform parallel execution has been reduced, offering the user the advantage of multiprocessing at lower cost.

In addition, AutoForm plus R3 enables the realistic simulation of hot forming and quenching processes, takes into account innovative heat treatment processes which are applied when stamping certain lightweight materials and supports the user in systematically preventing springback.

Note: Under Linux, the company AutoForm Engineering GmbH provides no graphical user interface - only solvers, called from the command line or script. Also in hand are included plug-ins for CAD-system CATIA to R19 inclusive and NX.

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