Data: 15 Lipiec 2011
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Rosetta Stone V3 - French L1.L2.L3
Rosetta Stone V3 - French L1.L2.L3

Rosetta Stone V3 - French L1.L2.L3 | 1.49 GB

Escape the endless tedium of translation, memorization, and grammar drills. Get the language you want, the skills you need and the success you deserve by learning a new language naturally--the same way you learned your first language.
Product Features

Learn French with Rosetta Stone's proficiency-based listening and reading activities.
Pronounce French words correctly after practicing with our proprietary speech recognition and analysis tools.
Speak French without a script in no time! Rosetta Stone's Contextual Formation™ makes sure you have the confidence and the cues you need to get the words out on the spot.
Use Rosetta Stone Milestone activities to gain confidence quickly in French so that you can engage in real-life conversations.
Track your French language learning progress to reinforce your strengths and revisit needs with our Adaptive Recall™ Language feature.

Rosetta Stone V3 - French L1 (iso)+ (Companion)
Rosetta Stone V3 - French L2 (iso)+ (Companion)
Rosetta Stone V3 - French L3 (iso)+ (Companion)

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