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Data: 15 Lipiec 2011
Kategoria: PROGRAMY » Pozostałe

Dassault Systemes 3DVIA Composer V6R2011x v6.7.4.1574
Dassault Systemes 3DVIA Composer V6R2011x v6.7.4.1574

Dassault Systemes 3DVIA Composer V6R2011x v6.7.4.1574 (x32/x64) | 869 MB

3Dvia Composer - convenient and functional system design multimedia content, automating the process of creating instructions for assembly / disassembly, technical illustrations, interactive 3D animations, marketing materials, product catalogs, training materials, web-pages and much more.
Convenient, simple and intuitive user interface, and an open XML-architecture solutions 3DVia Composer allows a wide range of users with no technical skills to develop technical documentation, create associative 2D and 3D materials based on design CAD-models of a product.

3DVia Composer can be used successfully in sales, marketing, maintenance and repair (MRO), education, engineering and production departments, as well as for monitoring and managing complex projects management.
Effective use of information about the product:
3DVia Composer allows the creation of technical illustrations, video and interactive 3D material, which not only improve the perception of information at the expense of greater visibility, but also significantly increase the quality of the generated documentation. The use of interactive graphical elements can significantly reduce the amount of text items, which reduces time and cost to translate a text document with the release of her multi-lingual.
Application 3DVia Composer reduces the time spent on rework and update the documentation when you make changes in product design. Upgrading is done automatically by the associative connection with the design CAD-model. Cost and terms of design documentation is also declining due to more effective use of information on future product. Development of documentation in 3DVia Composer can be started in the early stages of design when the design model are not fully developed, and at later stages, upon completion of the design process, you can easily update graphics and multimedia content in a prepared document template.
Interactive documents created in 3DVia Composer, can be protected from unauthorized dissemination and use by assigning access rights to the options for viewing, copying and printing, as well as full / partial display / hide individual items or under-managed quality / accuracy of the displayed 3D models, when the geometric parameters of the product of the intellectual property rights.
The solution 3DVia Composer:
3DVia Composer - core module, which provides an interactive design and technical documentation on the basis of design CAD-models of products. 3DVia Composer is designed specifically for developers of technical documentation and requires no special skills and knowledge in the field of CAD / CAM / CAE-systems. A graphic and intuitive user interface provides the convenience and high performance with graphics and text objects, their properties and performance. All these parameters can be stored in a library of styles for reuse in new projects. Interactive animation (the processes of assembly / disassembly, maintenance and repair, the demonstration model of a product from different angles, annotations and explanatory graphics), high-quality vector images (SVG, CGM) and technical illustration (callout types, specifications) can be created extremely quickly and easily.
New methods of creating, updating and dissemination of information about products
3DVIA Composer allows you to quickly update and transform the existing 3D-data design of high-quality reporting documents, including texts, technical illustrations, animations and interactive 3D-experiments.
Due to the potential of 3D-technology, you will provide customers, partners and colleagues a clear and understandable information about products, greatly increasing their ability to assimilate complex data.
3DVIA Composer allows you to create reporting documents as at earlier stages of design, thereby expediting the release of new products to market and reducing the costs associated with making changes.
It is easy to use application is a perfect addition to the usual instruments of Microsoft Office, PDF and HTML. Download a trial version of 3DVIA Composer and you will see how to change your approach to the transfer of technical information

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