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Data: 13 Lipiec 2011
Kategoria: PROGRAMY » Pozostałe

BMW DVD Road Map Europe HIGH 2011 DVD5
BMW DVD Road Map Europe HIGH 2011 DVD5

BMW DVD Road Map Europe HIGH 2011 DVD5 | 4.42 GB

You can appreciate a disc with GPS-navigation for the on-board navigator cars BMW. To write to disk you will need regular DVD disc is 4.6 GB.
Year: 2011
Type: BMW DVD Road Map Europe HIGH 2011 Map Navigation for MK4.
Developer: NAVTEQ

Platform: Navigation system MK4 (HIGH)
Language: English
System requirements: BMW Cars
3 Series - E46
5 Series - E39
7 Series - E38, E65 \ E66
X series - E53, e83

List of countries on the disk:
* Germany (D)
* Austria (A)
* Andorra (AND)
* Belgium (
* Switzerland (CH)
* Czech Republic (CZ)
* Denmark (DK)
* Spain (E)
* France (F)
* Finland (FIN)
* Lihtenshtain (FL)
* United Kingdom (GB)
* Greece (G)
* Ireland (IRL)
* Italy (I)
* Luksenburg (L)
* Monaco (MC)
* Norway (N)
* Netherlands (NL)
* Portugal (P)
* San Marino (RSM)
* Sweden (S)
* Vatican City (V)
* Russia (RU)
* Poland (PL)
* Hungary (H)
* Croatia (HR)
* Slovenia (SLO)
* Belarus (BY)
* Estonia (ES)
* Lithuania (LV)
* Latvia (LT)

This assembly was born from the original disk - the full version with up to 5 languages, which requires a two-layer disc recording for DVD.
But to read the two-layer disc navibloku MK4 requires firmware version is not less than 31.
Was carried out execution of the file, removing the 4 languages ??and has remained in English only. The result is placed on the 4.5Gb blank DVD.
Tested on BMW X5 e53. Firmware navibloka MK4 - v 26. (SW-4 1 / 60)
Record on recommended minimum speed, which is supported by your DVD. In my case, all written with UltraISO

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