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Data: 12 Lipiec 2011
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Beta Monkey Drum Werx I IV V VI + Jazz Essentials
Beta Monkey Drum Werx I IV V VI + Jazz Essentials

Beta Monkey Drum Werx I IV V VI + Jazz Essentials | 3.23 GB

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing! Beta Monkey Music's new Jazz Essentials offers drum loops for traditional jazz. The royalty-free collection features more than 400 loops in authentic jazz phrasing from a cool and relaxed 100 bpm to a blistering bop at 325 bpm. This sample collection is all about traditional jazz feels and phrasings, a truly focused set of grooves for discriminating jazz purists everywhere.
Quickly build authentic jazz drum tracks that feel and sound like a live drummer playing a real song. We've captured the swing as well as the warmth of vintage drums and cymbals to deliver a veritable toolbox of jazz grooves. But, Jazz Essentials includes much more than the standard sample CD release. We've included a matching set of multi-velocity drum samples from the kit used in recording the loops. We've included a matching set of cymbal samples to allow greater flexibility in drum track construction. And, on top of this, we've included the source tracks. So, whether you want to construct your next jazz project with the loops and samples or you just want to match licks comping with the full source tracks, the rhythmic possibilities of Jazz Essentials are limitless. It will quickly become an indispensable compositional tool in any sample library.

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