Data: 11 Lipiec 2011
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Maplesoft Maple 15.01 (x32/x64)
Maplesoft Maple 15.01 (x32/x64)

Maplesoft Maple 15.01 (x32/x64) | 943 MB

The Canadian company Maplesoft introduced the next version of its flagship technical computing package Maple 15. One of the most notable differences between the new version has the highest rate of solution of differential equations. Equally significant improvements made, and all other mathematical functions, including basic operations and advanced data processing algorithms. Additionally, the package includes over 27 brand-new math.

According to the manufacturer, the package of Maple 15 is the leader in performance and scalability (through multi-core processors). At the Maple 15 has a unique feature - it supports symbolic solution of differential equations - these opportunities there is no one competing product. The new version of Maple shows a record number, solving 96% of the reference set of differential equations.

With the help of the Maple 15 users can handle very large data sets and create even more powerful interactive applications, using new data table. The new controller provides better control of variables in a session Maple, controlling the state of computing tasks. Bring added value to customers online tools Clickable Math - the package includes more than 40 new mini-demonstrations to help you learn or demonstrate basic mathematical concepts.

Even the developers think the Maple 15 version of a new one of the most important steps in the development of the package Maple. Today package Maple is used in various fields - from the management of rover to teaching the basics of mathematics. Improvements in Maple 15, including more than 160 types of graphs and functions to render mathematical expressions provide an efficient job with the calculations in any field.

Computer algebra system Maple, which has a convenient graphical user interface allows for symbolic and numerical solution of differential equations and calculate integrals.

Release Date: 2011
Software version: 15.01
Languages: English
OS: Windows 32 & 64 bit

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