Data: 9 Lipiec 2011
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ProjectSam Symphobia 1 v1.2-UPDATE
ProjectSam Symphobia 1 v1.2-UPDATE

ProjectSam Symphobia 1 v1.2-UPDATE | 1.62GB

To install just copy all files to your Symphobia installation place as this is just a update the the full install is required to use this.
New content in 1.2

String ensemble tremolo 3-layer DYN (p / mf / ff)
Brass ensemble fast attack sustain 2-layer DYN (mp / f)
Uilleann pipe phrases
Low whistle phrases
15 new multis added, now 55 multis in total

Improvements & Changes in 1.2
Revised audio pool for String Ens sustain patches
Improved tightness of Brass Ens Staccato SH and String Ens Staccato SH patches
Expression (CC11) control now also available for DYN patches
Much smoother Modwheel (DYN) patches throughout library using larger lag values
Improved filter cut off response
Symphobia 1.1 bonus content moved into main library structure
Multis are now categorized in folders
Clearer naming for the short (SH) and stacked (ST) instruments
Patches in Kontakt 4.1 format for background loading compatibility.
Kontakt 3.5 legacy versions are included.

Bug fixes in 1.2
Kontakt 4-specific compatibility issues fixed
Various acoustic artifacts removed from samples
Various loop points fixed
Various filter curves fixed
Various sample start offsets fixed

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