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Data: 7 Lipiec 2011
Kategoria: PROGRAMY » Pozostałe

PTC Pro/Engineer Wildfire 4.0 M180 (WiN32 & WiN64)
PTC Pro/Engineer Wildfire 4.0 M180 (WiN32 & WiN64)
PTC Pro/Engineer Wildfire 4.0 M180 (WiN32 & WiN64) | 3.26 GB&3.25 GB

An updated version of the professional CAD/CAM/CAE Systems, which covers all areas of design, technological preparation of production and manufacturing, as well as providing a wide range of hardware three-dimensional modeling, to obtain results of high quality resistant to subsequent changes.

The company Parametric Technology Corporation was founded in 1985 (headquartered in Needham (Needham, USA)). Throughout time creative team develops for companies working in the field of discrete manufacturing, advanced software solutions and services that meet the modern requirements of globalization, as well as reduce time to market for new products and increase productivity in the development of innovative products. Parametric Technology Corporation customers include leading manufacturing companies in the aerospace, defense, automotive and electronics industries, as well as in the industries of industrial and medical equipment. The company's turnover in fiscal 2009 totaled 938 million dollars.[/center]

PTC Pro Engineer Wildfire 4.0 - CAD / CAM / CAE system of the upper level and covers all areas of design, technological preparation of production and manufacturing. A wide range of possibilities unit three-dimensional modeling, high quality of the result and its resistance to subsequent changes made by the system Pro / ENGINEER one of the leading CAD / CAM / CAE-systems, and have direct access to the system life cycle support product Windchill PDMLink translates Pro / ENGINEER WILDFIRE in the category of PLM-systems.

A brief overview of the main features Wildfire 4.0:

- Working with large assemblies
Reduced to 40% of the volume of memory, the use of multi-thread in the CPU and, as a consequence, the reduction of working time during the upgrade to large assemblies.
- Associated interface MCAD-ECAD. [/ I]
- Selective dynamic change of the data (the technology IDX).
- Simulation of ribbon cables
A new menu for new objects: parameters ribbon cable for modeling in 3D, Ťthe fold", "inflection point", "pass through the hole; decomposition of the cable within a single ribbon cable, align and snap the ribbon cable along the highway strip.
Export diagrams of Pro / ENGINEER (Pro / DIAGRAM) in the RSD: export to a neutral format: plugs, wires, cables, labels, tables, layers, etc.
- 3D-annotation in the drawings.
- Automatic rounding of the edges (Auto-Round).
- New opportunities for removing surfaces at designing molds
Simplification of geometry due to the removal of small and insignificant elements of the model.
- Import Data Doctor
New mechanism contributing to more efficient use of models and data from external CAD systems.
- Direct editing of surfaces
Checkpoints edit with a history of editing, support of multiple editing sessions on the same parts of complex shape.
- HDRI (High Dynamic Range Imaging)
Function for the lighting, reflections and background, the dynamic deployment of textures, rendering areas ("regional" rendering), filling the space (picture room ").
- Reverse Engineering
Improved graphics and high performance, automatic identification of "holes" in the facet model, offset facet model, symmetrical building / pruning model.
- Engineering analysis
A new mechanism to monitor and diagnose errors in Mechanica, control the generation of the FEM-mesh and the optimization of memory and CPU resources, and nonlinear analysis, import data from a package CFD.
- Machining on CNC machines
The new user interface manager, processing, management and repositioning of the tap-tool supply, improvement of finishing operations, the direct implementation of NURBS surfaces, angles and study pockets, modeling the kinematics of machine tools, support for scanning in the Pro / CMM.
- Import / Export (Data Exchange Processor)
Interface with UG, support for layers in NX3 and NX4; interface to PDF, support for U3D and 3D model Image;
- Interface with AutoCAD
Support for AutoCAD 2005/2006; Interface ProductView; interface JT: import/export of parts and assemblies, a simplistic view.

Name: PTC Pro Engineer Wildfire 4.0
Version: M180 (WiN32)
Language: multilingual
Operating System: Window XP/Vista/Seven

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