Data: 5 Lipiec 2011
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Future Loops Legends Of The South: Dirty Crunk Kits WAV
Future Loops Legends Of The South: Dirty Crunk Kits WAV

Future Loops Legends Of The South: Dirty Crunk Kits WAV | 5.8 GB

Future Loops is proud to present Legends Of South – Dirty Crunk Kits ,a mighty collection of 40 Construction Kits full of Dirty South flavour and attitude! Every single Kit in Legends Of South is heavy on flawless , chart-buster , authentic Dirty South material offering you the decisive elements to produce killa beats and hip hop tracks: rich 808 basses, dramatic Lead synths , solid Brass works , intense Arpeggios and Pizzicato runs , urban orchestral Strings and Timpani hits, vigorous drum machine kicks , phat snares and claps!
With tempos ranging from 64 BPM to 92 BPM, Legends Of South has a true epic Dirty South feel.

With each Construction Kit you get all the drum hits as well as the separate tracks for full remixing control : You'll be able to get your hands real dirty: cut it, edit & mix as you please...!

This is definitely a pack with fresh , up-to-date and on-demand Hip Hop samples that passionately covers the ground of Dirty South like few . Whether you're in a dirtier mood or need some blazing beats for your productions , Legends Of South is just right for you !

If links die, I will reupload at here.

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