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Cinema 4D R12 Full - With Plugin Bundle
Cinema 4D R12 Full - With Plugin Bundle

Cinema 4D R12 Full - With Plugin Bundle | 2.21 GB

Main Program: Cinema 4D R12, 32 bit and 64 bit, with all libraries included.


* DPit Plants Effex Full
* Interposer Pro 1.9.9b
* LightingUP
* Nitro4D EasyCloth 2.2
* RealFlow 2.2
* Skinprops Bundle (all current commercial plugins, latest versions)
* Spline Patch 2.51.1
* Thrausi 1.36
* Vray4C4D

All plugins are tested and functional in Cinema 4D R12 on Windows 64 bit. 32 bit not tested.

1. Extract archive Cinema 4D to your Progam Files directory.

2a. Inside the Cinema 4D R12 folder, run Cinema 4D.exe or Cinema 4D 64 bit.exe.
2b. Inside the Cinema 4D R12 Folder, run C4D_R12_KG.exe (keygen).
2c. Add any 5 digits into the keygen and click Generate. The serial is automatically copied to your clipboard. Paste that serial into the Cinema 4D prompt and click Ok. Then close Cinema 4D after it starts up.

[IMPORTANT!!] Make sure to save a copy of that Cinema 4D serial somewhere for future reference. You'll need it for installing future plugins!

3a. Go back to your Cinema 4D download folder and open Plugins.
3b. Move the following folders into your ...\Cinema 4D R12\Plugins directory

- DPIT_Plants_Effex_Full_v1.4.0.23_C4D-R12_Win
- InterPoser_Pro_v1.9.9b_C4D-R12_Win
- Nitro4D_EasyCloth_v2.2_C4D-R12_Win
- CONTENTS OF Skinprops_Bundle_C4D-R12_Win (IOgre, MorphMill, Riptide Pro, Undertow)
- Thrausi_1.36_C4D-R12_Win
- Vray4C4D_1.2.5.5_C4D-R12_Win

4. Move the CONTENTS OF LightingUP_C4D-R12_Win to your ...\Cinema 4D R12\ directory (it may ask to replace 'Library' folder, click yes)

5a. Open Spline_Patch_v2.51.1_C4D-R12_Win and run Setup.exe
5b. Open RealFlow_v2.0_C4D-R12_Win and run realflow_c4d_v2.0_setup.exe

6.Almost Done! Run Cinema 4D. Once at the prompt to enter serials, open your Plugin_Keygens directory and run the keygens.

7. If you followed the steps correctly, you should be able to start up Cinema 4D R12 successfully now with all of your plugins working properly. Feel free to update Cinema 4D and the plugins if prompted.

* Can I update Cinema 4D normally?

* It says DPIT Full has a new version, can I safely update through the DPIT Full Support Center?

* Plugin XXXX doesn't work in 32 bit, why?!

* No Mac support?!

* XXXX isn't working, why?!

If links die, I will reupload at here.

No Pass
Mirror: R12.Full_With.PluginBundle.part01.rar:// R12.Full_With.PluginBundle.part02.rar:// R12.Full_With.PluginBundle.part03.rar:// R12.Full_With.PluginBundle.part04.rar:// R12.Full_With.PluginBundle.part05.rar:// R12.Full_With.PluginBundle.part06.rar:// R12.Full_With.PluginBundle.part07.rar:// R12.Full_With.PluginBundle.part08.rar:// R12.Full_With.PluginBundle.part09.rar://

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