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ToYcon Icon Conveter 9 with Various Icon Packs
ToYcon Icon Conveter 9 with Various Icon Packs

ToYcon Icon Conveter 9 with Various Icon Packs | 1.20 GB
ToYcon v.9, and over 30,000 Various Icons

“Drag and drop images to create icons”.......about ToYcon

ToYcon is a standalone program (NO INSTALLATION REQUIRED) Creating an icon can take more time than it seems. This is what it's always great to have tools that can automate the whole process and make it lighter on you.

ToYcon lets you create icons by simply dragging and dropping images onto its box-shaped interface. The program supports all the popular graphic formats and converts them right to ICO as soon as you drop the file on its interface. The resulting icon is saved in the same folder as the original image with the same name, though you can set the program to ask for destination after each conversion.

Despite its simplicity, ToYcon is quite a handy tool with support for several sizes and color depths. It doesn't really have many configuration options but it's very easy to use and works fine. Plus it doesn't require installation, so you can simply unzip the archive wherever you want to save the program and you're ready to go.

ToYCon is probably the easiest and fastest way to generate icons from your image files.
•No installation required
•Support for several sizes and color depths in icons
•You can have the program pinned to desktop or minimized to tray
•Not many configuration settings

ToYcon Icon Conveter 9 with Various Icon Packs

within are over 30,000 Icons. Some of them started out as jpeg or png files. I used ToYCon to change them into icons.
I've got a lot more, so if you like Icons...let me know and I'll put them all up. They are not well orgonized though...

OH.....There are 3 versions of ToYcon within. I just found version 9, but I've been using version 6 for the longest time. It has a few gliches, but it works rather nicely. Maybe the other version are better. But it has
been my experienece that newer isn't always better. Thats why I
included all three.

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