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Data: 2 Lipiec 2011
Kategoria: PROGRAMY » Pozostałe

Adobe InDesign - CS5 (Middle Eastern) [Intel/K] - MacOSX (Repost)
Adobe InDesign - CS5 (Middle Eastern) [Intel/K] - MacOSX (Repost)
Adobe InDesign - CS5 (Middle Eastern) [Intel/K] | MacOSX | 1.02 GB

Adobe InDesign CS5 - new version of the program for the design of printed materials. Adobe InDesign CS5 provides precise control over typography and provides built-in design tools, preflight checks and publish documents for print, Web and display on mobile devices. Add interactive elements, animation, video and sound in page layouts to attract the attention of readers. In Adobe InDesign CS5 had simplified selection and editing of objects, adds a new toolbar Layers, such as the one to which users are accustomed to Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Also there was the opportunity to track changes in the text InDesign, added export to PDF in the background, had access to Adobe Bridge directly from the program interface.

Masthead features InDesign CS5:

"Import video format FLV/F4V and audio in MP3 format
"The new Layers palette, similar to a palette similar to Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
"New interactive effects of angles
"Preview of the instantaneous cutting
"The function of interactive distribution
"The inclusion of mesh creation tools Frames
"Improved creation of a series of duplicate
"Rotate tool to" Select "
"Transformation of several selected objects
"A simplified editing and selection of objects
"Animated sign
"AutoFill frame
"Colored tags for thumbnails pages
"Tracking changes to the text
"Titles, covering more than one column and separating column
"Improved integration with Adobe Bridge
"Export EPUB, Dreamweaver, SWF, Flash Professional CS5, PDF and JPEG
"Built-in Effects Adobe Photoshop
"Extended support script
"And many other possibilities

Adobe InDesign CS5 software lets you focus on your layout, with the flexibility to publish your pages to a wide range of media. Whether you're creating print or digital documents, you can save time with online services that integrate with and are directly accessible from InDesign, as well as other substantial productivity enhancements. A robust set of new tools let designers create interactive documents that capture readers' attention both online and offline. Now you can include complex interactivity, animation, FLV video (a popular online video format), and MP3 audio files within InDesign documents. InDesign CS5 makes it easier to export documents in SWF format, hand off layouts to Adobe Flash Professional CS5 software, and produce EPUB documents for use with popular eBook readers and devices. InDesign CS5 has everything you need to lay out memorable and engaging pages in print or digital format.

Design a rich array of interactive documents from digital brochures, to eBooks to interactive magazines. Add interactivity, animation and rich media such as video and sound. Export your documents as SWF for playback in the Flash player or interactive PDF. Quickly create stunning print work using a variety of productivity and production tools including simplified object selection and editing, Live Preflight, PDF export in the background, custom print presets and more. Hand off your page layouts to Adobe Flash Professional CS5 with even greater fidelity. Animations created in InDesign and placed audio and video files remain intact when pages are opened in Flash Professional. Text is fully editable so you can make-last minute changes in Flash.

Information :

Name: Adobe InDesign
Version: - CS5 Middle Eastern (ME)
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: K


If links die, I will reupload at here.

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Mirror: _MacOSX.part01.rar:// _MacOSX.part02.rar:// _MacOSX.part03.rar:// _MacOSX.part04.rar:// _MacOSX.part05.rar:// _MacOSX.part06.rar:// _MacOSX.part07.rar:// _MacOSX.part08.rar:// _MacOSX.part09.rar:// _MacOSX.part10.rar:// _MacOSX.part11.rar://

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