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Data: 28 Czerwiec 2011
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Big Fish Audio Platinum Essentials Vol.1.2.3 (WAV)
Big Fish Audio Platinum Essentials Vol.1.2.3 (WAV)

Big Fish Audio Platinum Essentials Vol.1.2.3 (WAV) | 2.45 GB

This is a complete collection of samples consisting of three parts to create a hip hop music. Here you'll find musical structures from 93 - 100 BPM, drum loops, bass, various sounds and lots of other goodies!
Big Fish Audio Platinum Essentials Vol1 [WAV]
Shhhh, don't tell no one, Keith Clark's lettin' you in on his multi-platinum bag of essentials! His wicked versatility as a producer can be heard on albums like the debut of Def Jam Recording Artists "The Dove Shack," Snoop's first album with No Limit Records "Da Game Is To Be Sold Not To Be Told" along with his follow-ups including Suited N Booted on Snoop's "Paid Tha Cost to be Da Bo$" and multi-platinum hits from B-Legit, Mack 10, Kurupt, Eastsidaz and TRU. These hits propelled Keith to multi-platinum status in a matter of minutes! Now he is among an elite group of producers puttin' it down on the West Coast and lappin' up the worldwide recognition. Between scoring a few films, Keith, along with partner Luke Most! has produced a little treat for you. "Platinum Essentials" is JAMMED with construction kits, beats, sounds and more from his bag of platinum sounds!

Big Fish Audio Platinum Essentials Vol2 [WAV]
Well...well...well, guess who's back with another bag full of platinum hits. The West Coast phenomenon Keith a.k.a Clizark can't be stopped. From Def Jam to No Limit Records, Keith's platinum stock just keeps rising. We snatched him outta Snoop's studio to finish this sequel. Loaded with more Hip Hop and R&B construction kits, "Platinum Essentials 2" contains all the sounds you've been askin' for, completely broken down. From bangin' beats and nasty bass samples to wicked synth and vicious sounds, nobody's puttin' it down west coast style like Clizark. So if you can stop bobbin' your head to the platinum hits he's already released, take a minute and check his latest.

Big Fish Audio Platinum Essentials Vol3 [WAV]
Keith Clizark continues to make multi-platinum hits for top Hip Hop and Rap artists. He also keeps giving you the tools to do the same with Platinum Essentials 3. Back with more hits, the king of west coast Hip Hop presents 40 construction kits fully broken down for your production needs. This is pure authentic west coast flavor at its best - drums, bass, piano, synth, guitar, strings, percussion and more... all put together by the west coast mastermind himself. If you need multi-platinum sounds, get Platinum Essentials 3.

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