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Data: 28 Czerwiec 2011
Kategoria: PROGRAMY » Pozostałe

Pocaloid2 - 2 Version Lily & Utatane Piko-ASSiGN
Pocaloid2 - 2 Version Lily & Utatane Piko-ASSiGN

Pocaloid2 - 2 Version Lily & Utatane Piko-ASSiGN | 948 MB

POCALOID - hacked Group ASSiGN program VOCALOID . "Even if the vocal synthesis technology and has revolutionized the software, its installation and the system is far from perfect. POCALOID hacked and is optimized for the creators, enabling better use of technology VOCALOID ". You can download and install any of the votes, the order of installation is not important.

This kit contains the following vote:
Utatane Piko

Installation manual
Set POCALOID2.Manager.v1.0.0 and POCALOID2.System.Standalone.VSTi.v2.0.1
Mount. Iso-file from a folder with your desired tone, follow the steps. Repeat with any voice in how you want.
Click the "Start"> Programs> POCALOID2> Manager> POCALOID2 Manager. In the resulting window, select the Singer Editor. Open it and click Add, to add a voice that you have installed, but they do not appear in the editor. You must do this before you open the program. In addition, make sure that the number of Program Change (PC) is in order for everyone to vote, you are adding (the first should be 0, second - 1, and so on).
Open POCALOID2 Manager and select Check the POCALOID2 installation. Make sure that everything is in order.
Enjoy the program!

About vokaloidah
Utatane Piko

Utatane Pico (?????) - First vokaloid from Sony Music Distribution through the engine Vocaloid2. His name is "Utatane" means "sound of the singer," but "Piko" is the name of a popular singer from Nico Nico Douga, whose name is Pico, in other words, his name means "sound of the singer's Pico." His release came on December 8, 2010.
Piko singer known for his ability to take the high octave, so his voice has a very wide range. This allows him to perform, and male and female roles in vokaloidnyh songs.
Similar opportunities and Asami Shimoda oboladaet, express Kagamine Rin and Len, which was chosen for this very reason, to put her voice in the framework of two different vokaloidov (male and female).
Hairstyle hairstyle Utatane Pico repeats singer Piko, only difference - it ahoge (on the top strand), forming the Latin letters "P". A white hair has been made with reference to the artwork of the singer.


Lily (??? Ririi) - the official character of the program simulator singing Vocaloid2, developed by Yamaha. Its basic data bank developed by Yamaha with Avex Management Co., Ltd. Internet Co. She also announced t-kimura (Takashi Kimura), the former member, now a producer of move, on his twitter. Lily was published August 25, 2010, its designer is the KEI. An example was the vote for Yuri Masuda, Japanese singer of move

Initially, the image of Lily was published on the cover of the disc "anim.ove 01", issued August 19, 2009 to announce the development of its vokaloida. The source of votes was the vocalist move, Yuri Masuda. A trial version can be voice free download online, now it is not available. Now all the songs on it are laid out on Youtube and Nico Nico Douga with a trial period of 30 days.

The optimal rate: 90 ~ 180 BPM
Optimum range of voices: D2 ~ D4

Corrected by VOCALOID - Installation
* Interrupt setup (this is not a POCALOID)
* Inability to install \ remove the error (this is not a POCALOID)
* The combination of a file (Fixed POCALOID)
* The version of the installation (Not POCALOID)
* Complex installation (installation is simple and easy POCALOID)
* Problem with unused registration key (POCALOID not install / not use these keys)
* The problem with the place on your hard drive (Not POCALOID)

Corrections VOCALOID - System (English)

* Number limited, and unstable C & R protection (Removed in POCALOID)
* Sensitive KeyFile (POCALOID2 Manager can rebuild this)
* Sensitive RegKey (POCALOID2 was hacked to avoid those problems)
* Worst TimeBomb which cause to Legal User too (Removed in POCALOID)
* Some ReWire bugs (Fixed in POCALOID)


* Plugin support POCALOID2 (Allow Fixer is now supported)
* Check installation and fixer
* Cleaning the registry
* Voice Database Map manager
* A simple and correct procedure for installing and removing
* Improved user interface
* Optional English dictionary from Crypton
* Starting POCALOID2 Editor with ReWire devices

Question: Can I put in a regular POCALOID2 VOCALOID2?
Answer: Yes, but better not.

Q: Does the library with VOCALOID2 POCALOID2?
A: None. POCALOID can read a library POCALOID.

Q: Your previous English VOCALOID Editor has been translated only half!
A: This version will satisfy you.

POCALOID2 - looks almost exactly like VOCALOID2, both in appearance and inside ... You may even look as if it Vocaloid2. Moreover, it fixes some bugs that were in the original program. Plus, quick and easy installation.
The only disadvantage of the program - it does not work with disk images copied from the official. It needs its own library.

Year: 2011
Version: 2.0
Developer: Yamaha and Avex Management Co., Ltd; Sony Music Distribution Inc., hacked by ASSiGN
Bit depth: 32bit
Compatible with Vista / Windows 7: complete
Language: Eng/Jap
Tablet: Disinfected
System requirements: CPU 2GHz, 1GB RAM, 3.5 GB ROM

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