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Data: 26 Czerwiec 2011
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Hirens Boot 14.0 v2.0 Reloaded - (Rebuild 06.2011)- 4.22 GB
Hirens Boot 14.0 v2.0 Reloaded - (Rebuild 06.2011)- 4.22 GB

Hirens Boot 14.0 v2.0 Reloaded (Rebuild 06.2011) | 4.22 GB

I took the Hirens 14.0 changed some smallthings on it and added a folder full of usefull programs, to make anall in one flash driver for every computer tech/shop. I use alot of theprograms in the Everything folder everyday to repair a large amount ofissues at the shop. I take no credit for the restore of Hirens 14 thatI got from...
I just made Hirens easy to install to flash drive/DVD thencompiled alot of useful programs and anti virus programs for repairinga computer.
All you have to do is copy and paste all the files inside the ISOto a 8GB usb stick, or dual layer DVD, and it should be ready to gowith no additional steps.
All anti virus programs up to date as of 06-10-11 or at least to my knowledge, added Files included...

Antivirus folder.

Nod32 one click online scan
Hijack this
Panda Cloud

Other Folders like...

ANTI Rootkit
Fake AV removers
AV Uninstall

Useful Programs like...

Robocopy made gui by a co worker
R-Studio 5.1 + serial
Driver Pack 11
Driver Collector to gather all drivers before a format reload.
Some network fixing programs.
Everest Ultimate
SISoft Sandra

Please upload and if you have any comments please add. I havescanned my whole system with most of these programs to insure there isnothing on here unless its a false positive.

For installation to USB read file usb-installation.

Restored DOS utilities

These are found within the HBCD DOS menu.

- Acronis Disk Director 10.0 (build 2.160)
- Acronis True Image 8.1 (build 945)
- Active Partition Recovery (3.0)
- Active Password Changer (3.0.420)
- Active Undelete (5.5)
- Drive Image (5.6)
- ERD Explorer
- GetDataBack for FAT/NTFS (4.0)
- HDD Regenerator (1.71)
- NTFS Pro
- Norton Ghost 11.5.1
- Norton PartitionMagic Pro Server (8.05)
- PC-Check (6.21)
- Paragon Partition Manager (7.0.1274)
- Paragon Mount Everything (3.0)
- Synantec ImageCenter (5.6)

Other included software

- Acronis Boot Disk [4].
It includes:
- True Image Home 2011 full version plus pack (build 6.597).
- Disk Director 11 (build 11.0.2121).

- Active Boot Disk (5.3.3) [6]
With the option to boot either in a DOS or Win7 environment.
Contains tools to image disks, data recovery, partition management,
password resetting, data erasure, network access and other system utilities

- Avast Registry Editor
- Easeus Partition Master (6.5.2)
- GetData Recover My Files Pro (
- Ghost Cast Server
- Ghost Image Explorer
- HWiNFO (3.65)
- Kaspersky Rescue Disk ( Updated 15 May 2011 [5]
- Outlook Express Backup (6.5)
- Passware Kit Enterprise (10.3.2585)
- WinRar (4.00)
- SysRescueCD (2.1.1 May 2011). [2]
A live Linux Gentoo based rescue CD.
It includes many tools for rescuing and managing
Linux and windows systems. Hundreds of utilities.
e.g. Clam antivirus, Gparted, ntfs-3g, wifi access,
syslinux, telnet, ssh, PXE boot, Firefox, vim, MC...

- RiP linux (12.7) [3]
Slackware based live rescue CD. It used to be part of
Hirens boot CD.

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