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Data: 26 Czerwiec 2011
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Tell Me More Spanish 8 (3 Levels)
Tell Me More Spanish 8 (3 Levels)

Tell Me More Spanish 8 (3 Levels) | 1.6GB

TeLL Me More - an online Spanish courseset up in accordance with the purposes of training and time in which to learn the language. The program will be for you an optimal schedule of classes and hold on themstep by stepreplacing a teacher and a native speaker.

* Over 250 hours of learning and 40 types of activities
* Over 1,200 exercises and 40 types of activities
* 3 lesson modes for a personalized learning experience
* S.E.T.S technology and speech recognition: 3D animation
* Interactive dialogue and MPEG videos
* Explore the world of dubbing with Film Set
* Learning on the go: Audio CDs or MP3 files created from WAV source files
* A step-by-step activity guide in PDF format
* High quality headset included
System Requirements:
Minimum configuration:
- PC or compatible: 700 MHz processor
- Windows 98Millennium2000 XP or Vista 32/64 bits
- 128 MB RAM80 MB available on the hard disk 800x600 graphics card with 65,536 colours (16 bits) Windows-compatible sound cardmicrophone and speakers or headset.
Recommended configuration:
PC or compatible: 1.5 GHz processor,
Windows 98Millennium2000XP or Vista 32/64 bits,
128 MB RAM (512 MB for Vista)110 MB available on the hard disk1024x768 graphics card with 16 million colours (24 bits)
DVD-ROM drive
16-bit Windows-compatible sound card
microphone and speakers or headset
Internet connection.

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