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Haufe TVL Office v6.1 Stand Maerz 2011 German
Haufe TVL Office v6.1 Stand Maerz 2011 German
Haufe TVL Office v6.1 Stand Maerz 2011 German
Haufe TVL Office v6.1 Stand Maerz 2011 German-BLZiSO | 1.45 GB
The comprehensive technical information system for staff working in local authorities Haufe TV-L Office, reliable support you in your daily HR work. You can find all relevant information in seconds: the collective agreement on the text commentary to practical forms and computers.

Collective agreement 2011: The new pay tables
AGG: failed after age staggered holiday claims against the order of the age discrimination
TV-L in Berlin: Now with approximation-TV, Berlin working versions and current pay tables
Retirement: How to deal with the new law, after the expiry of the TV ATZ for new part-time arrangements
Additional source: New on the status of collective bargaining
Part-time: Implementation of the new law of the Federal Labor Court on the reduction and extension of the agreed working hours
Vacation: Notes on handling the amended law of the ECJ and the Federal Labor Court on the leave transfer
Pay band 1: the grading standards, interpretation of the standard fare and all the decisions for the classification in pay band 1
TV-L Court's latest rulings around the collective right of the public service of the countries
Work tools: sample forms and tables, covering labor contract model for marginal workers and mini-job flat-rate charge calculator

Commentary to TV-L and TVU countries with practical examples

Judgement Database
more than 18,000 TV-L-relevant judgments in full text
comfortable search function

Laws, collective agreements, circulars
all TV-L-tariff contracts, including payment tables
the main circular of the TDL and the associations of the SV
Legal database with more than 200 legal texts on the age part-time law books to the Social Security, even including state laws as data protection and the Staff Committee

Working Aids
Employment Contract model, operating and servicing agreements
Sample texts and official forms to fill out on screen
Calculation programs, such as for example Supplementary pension calculator, wage garnishment calculator or mini-computer job

BAT Archive
all collective agreements, comments and aids

The user interface of the Haufe Haufe iDesk TV-L Office including BAT is the TUV SUD seal "functionality" certified. (See Certificate)

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