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Data: 23 Czerwiec 2011
Kategoria: PROGRAMY » Pozostałe

Children's Encyclopedia of Cyril and Methodius 2011
Children's Encyclopedia of Cyril and Methodius 2011

Children's Encyclopedia of Cyril and Methodius 2011 | 3.98 GB

Children's Encyclopedia of Cyril and Methodius - a rich collection of fascinating and useful information about the diversity of the world. 0 the most challenging, important and serious things we entsi-klopediya talks alive, the image of Ź nym and understandable language
In the encyclopedia you will find of interest follows, materials about nature, the world's civilizations and historical eras and different personalities, science and technology Ź nick, flora and fauna, history, inventions and discoveries.

Encyclopedia article, taking-tional facts, interactive applications, motion, animation, and LA-objects help you get answers to hundreds of "Why?", "How?", "Where?" And turn the pro-cess of learning in capturing and Bright-schee adventure

- 7 400 encyclopedias and reference articles in 9 thematic areas.
- More than 5,000 mediaillyustratsy.
- Approximately 1,000 of entertaining facts.

1) To mount a disk image using Daemon Tools.
2) Install the program.
3) Use.

Additional Information:
- 25 multimedia panoramas ("The Age of Dinosaurs," "Age of primitive man" and "World Wildlife") - is a window into the world of wild nature, animated panorama of the prehistoric world, the animals that inhabit our planet 3.5 million - 700 thousand years ago.
- Interactive map of the world (more than 80 maps and 800 sites with photos and descriptions) - a fascinating journey through countries and continents.
- Interactive map of the sky - a unique astronomical instrument for anyone interested in astronomy and just loves to look at the stars.
- Video album (more than 100 movies, including 24 cartoons).
- Children's workshop (16 video lessons that teach children make toys out of paper).
- Audio-album (more than 240 audio fragments and 119 Audioplay): poems and tales, epics and legends, novels and short stories, voiced by famous Russian actors.
- Children's Library (170 literary works). All your favorite book.
- Multimedia Theatre The Snow Queen. " Fabulous idea that you can look and listen to yourself, but you can - put together with friends in the school theater.
- Biographical Dictionary (over 275 articles about famous people).
- Developing logic games and challenges with fun characters, puzzles, crosswords and rebuses.
- Quiz (over 200 interactive questions). Take a look at many of the facts of the new.

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