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MAC OSx 10.6 Retail with Boot CD and System Updates
MAC OSx 10.6 Retail with Boot CD and System Updates

MAC OSx 10.6 Retail with Boot CD and System Updates | 9.29 GB
You will need a laptop/desktop with an Intel Processor and no less than 2 gigs of ram.Burn the NAWCOM Boot CD to a CD, Burn Retail OSx to a DL dvd.Put NAWCOM Boot CD into cdrom/dvd bay and boot to it. You will see a splash screen with an icon in the middle saying "NAWCOM Boot CD". Take the cd out of the drive and put in the OSx Retail DVD into the tray. Wait about 5 to 10 seconds as the system reads the DVD. Press F5 to refresh the screen so it shows the change of DVDs. It should say MacOSx Installer.
Once you see this, press enter and it will show the program adjusting files in order for it to load up the installer properly.

Go through the installation process and then reboot. After the reboot, put the NAWCOM Boot CD back in and boot to it again. You will see the partitions you made for MAC OSx and the Boot CD icon. Select the Partition for MACOSx and press enter.

This will lead you to the account set up part of the installation process. Ignore putting in your account information - you can skip it so that you won't have to worry about Apple coming to knock down your door.

The two updates are included. Put these on a thumb drive and copy them to the desktop when you are finished installing. Run one at a time and you will have a fully functional Hackintosh.


MacOSx Retail DVD-RIP DL
Use Dual Layer DVD and burn at lowest speed. Use Alcohol 120% to burn.
MACOSx Upgrade - 10.6.5
MACOSx Upgrade - 10.6.6
Just copy these to a thumb drive.
NAWCOM's Boot CD - Very similar to Empire Boot CD, only it works.
Burn this to a CD

If links die, I will reupload at here.

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