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Data: 22 Czerwiec 2011
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3D Studio Package 2011
3D Studio Package 2011

The first version of a package called 3D Studio DOS was released in 1990. Development of a package by an independent studio Yost Group, established by the programmer Gary Jost; Autodesk at first dealt only with the publication of the package. There is evidence that Gary Yost left the former place of work after talks with Eric Lyons (Eric Lyons), while the director of new projects Autodesk.
The first four release carried the name 3D Studio DOS (1990-1994 years). Then the package was re-written for Windows NT and renamed in 3D Studio MAX (1996-1999 years).
On the first drive - 3d Studio v.4.0 + IPAS process, geometry toolkit, utilities; 3d Studio Max v.1.0 + upgrade to 1.1, Character studio, HyperMatter, 4D Vision IPAS animator's pack, kinetix VRML exporter, all maps, all textures, all scenes.
On the second - 3d Studio Max v.2.0 Beta release 0.2.18 (c) Kinetix + mega plugin / addon / docs pack for 3d Studio Max (c) Kinetix; Softimage 3.7 + Softimage cd2 pack; Corel Xara v.1.5; Fractal design ray dream v.5.0.
Year/Date of Release: 2011
Version: 1
Developer: Yost Group
Language: English

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