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IGO 8.3 Maps of Russia, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, America (07.06.2011)
IGO 8.3 Maps of Russia, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, America

IGO 8.3 Maps of Russia, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, America (07.06.2011) | 15.9 GB

The next update maps on the June TELEATLAS, NAVTEQ, Nav N Go, and some other manufacturers.
Directory structure:
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\ Content \ building \
*. 3dl - 3D view of landmarks
*. 3dc - 3D view of buildings, houses
* _petrol.3dl - 3D view of filling stations
\ Content \ dem \
*. Dem - files landscapes
\ Content \ histspeed \
*. Hsp - Navteq Traffic Patterns - average data traffic congestion on different days, weeks, days. Helps in calculating the route to avoid traffic jams.
\ Content \ map \
*. HNR - for fast calculation of long routes. Should be one version with maps (available for iGO Primo!)
*. FDA - Driver Alerts - alert the driver (only for iGO Primo!)
*. FTR - Truck Info - information for lorry drivers (for iGO Primo!)
*. FPA - Point Addressing - house numbers (only for iGO Primo!)
*. Fbl - Maps of countries. For America - a separate map of the state.
According to the approach adopted the name card usually looks something like: "Ńňđŕíŕ_ĎđîčçâîäčňĺëüĘŕđňű_ÄŕňŕÎńíîâű_ÄŕňŕŃáîđęč.
From the name of the country is determined by the version of iGO, for which this card is:
Strana_ ... - For the version of iGO-2006
Strana8_ ... - For version iGO8.0.h (R1)
Strana83_ ... - For version iGO8.3.h (R3)
Card Manufacturer:
TA - Teleatlas
NQ - Navtek
NNG - Nav N Go
OSM MMCN Epsilon CEDA Regio Topmap (TM) GPSandMore Contrast DIS CIT Monolit CarteBlanche - Local manufacturers
Also, the names of cards new information in brackets (TI_DA_PA_JV)
TI-information for the freight transport
DA-warning drivers
PA-additional information, visit
JV-junction photo
\ Content \ phoneme \
*. Ph - the correct pronunciation of streets depending on the language of the country.
\ Content \ poi \
*. Poi - a point of interest.
* _3dlm.poi - 3D view in the form of PSI
* _truck.poi - Parking, services, etc. for trucks
* _DKV_rich.poi - Places that take DKV card (
\ Content \ speedcam \
Directory for the file allocation radar
\ Content \ userdata \ poi \
Catalogue for placing third-party POI files


If links die, I will reupload at here.

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