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Data: 18 Czerwiec 2011
Kategoria: PROGRAMY » Pozostałe

The Pixel Farm Plugins (WIN64/LNX64/MACOSX)
The Pixel Farm Plugins (WIN64/LNX64/MACOSX)
The Pixel Farm Plugins (WIN64/LNX64/MACOSX) | 720MB

The latest version of well-known plugins for video editing.
Already the industry-leading 3D camera tracking and matchmoving application, PFTrack 2011 introduces innovative solutions to the diverse challenges of advanced matchmoving faced by independent artists, and large visual effects teams working within complex creative pipelines. From extensive plate preparation tools and renowned lens distortion management, through single-camera and stereoscopic 3D camera tracking, image-based modelling and scene reconstruction, PFTrack 2011 sets a new benchmark as the most complete toolset available, with unprecedented levels of power, precision, flexibility and control over every aspect of the matchmoving process.

When PFClean hit the film restoration community in 2004 it provided the well needed breath of fresh air in a market dominated by technical products that offered little consideration for productivity and deadline deliveries. Delivering many industry firsts such as the unique non destructive metadata toolset, completely automated dustbusting and a complete conform/editing toolset, PFClean was quickly established as the remastering and digital restoration package to own, where we lead, others can only follow. Since its release, a large number of renowned facilities rapidly adopted the package for its vast toolset, ease of use, productivity and outright ability to deliver. These facilties include, Deluxe, Technicolor, Ascent, UPP, Pixeon, Adlabs, The Criterion Collection, Cinerec, Arri Film TV services, Cinepost, Nordisk Film to name but a few.

From creating dailies through to full DI image preparation, PFPrep has it all. The focused yet well chosen toolset cherry picks the renowned image processing technologies from PFClean to provide the industrys finest, single solution for prepping footage for all aspects of present-day film production, regardless of content origination. GPU acceleration of the complex image algorithms in combination with integrated batch processing ensures the fastest and most accurate results across footage of any type and resolution, within schedule and budget.
Automatically clean dust and dirt and manage grain as well as frame-rate convert and upscale content. Review results and content at full frame rate regardless of resolution*. With distributed processing and integration with our PFSilo collaboration tools the editorial, clean up and media re-versioning tasks can be performed in parallel with the film grade and edit, without tying up valuable operators, editors and other production resources

PFMatchit has been released in response to customer demand for a lower entry point to The Pixel Farms technology and is the first product to harness the companys new 64-bit, node-based flowgraph architecture. This new technology dramatically improves the fundamental processes involved in camera tracking, one of the most important areas of successful VFX creation, ushering in unprecedented levels of flexibility, control, accuracy and speed.
The new, node-based flowgraph architecture, developed by the companys renwoned R&D team, is an industry-first in camera tracking and match moving software. Easy to learn and operate, it provides a logical visual overview of tracking workflows, and gives digital artists a procedural, non-linear environment in which to experiment non-destructively with different approaches to a shot to achieve the best result possible. In many cases this enables shots to be tackled which were previously considered un-trackable.

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