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Oracle Solaris 10 Complete [SW]
Oracle Solaris 10 Complete [SW]
Oracle Solaris 10 Complete | 2.51 GB
Genre: Operating System

Solaris - An operating system SunOS with a desktop environment and some additional components. Solaris 10 supports more than 600 features and functions that make it efficient, secure and reliable operating system.
Oracle Solaris 10:

Solaris 10 supports more than 600 features and functions that make it efficient, secure and reliable operating system.

Solaris 10 supports a number of advanced security features such as Solaris Secure Execution and Process Rights Management, which helps protect the corporate environment, it is safe to introduce new solutions and easily consolidate services.

Solaris 10 provides superb performance databases, Web-services, and services created by technology-based Java, has a highly scalable and is distinguished by an unsurpassed price / performance, as evidenced by a number assigned by the system of world records.

Use of resources:
Solaris 10 supports the advanced means of enhancing the use of resources - such as technology, Solaris Containers, which allows you to consolidate, isolate and protect thousands of applications on one server.

Realizing that modern companies use a variety of solutions of a number of manufacturers, we have integrated in the Solaris 10 OS tools to ensure its compatibility with hundreds of heterogeneous hardware and software platforms.

Monitoring and analysis:
Solaris 10 provides detailed information on the system using tools such as Solaris Dynamic Tracing (DTrace), which enables debugging and optimizing applications in real time.

Support for a wide range of platforms:
Solaris 10 is fully supported by more than 400 platforms, the SPARC architecture and x64/x86, developed by companies such as Sun, Dell, HP and IBM.

Preventive self-diagnosis Function (Predictive Self Healing) and other technologies implemented in the Solaris 10 OS that automatically diagnose hardware and software failures and eliminate their effects, minimizing downtime systems.

Year: 2010
Version: Oracle Solaris
Developer: Oracle
Language: English


If links die, I will reupload at here.

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