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Interactive Chinese Learning Complete 16CD (Software & Audio) + Books English Edition
Interactive Chinese Learning Complete 16CD (Software & Audio) + Books English Edition

Interactive Chinese Learning Complete 16CD (Software & Audio) + Books English Edition | 5.8GB
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This is integrated software with words, sounds, pictures, animations and music. It will make you enthusiastic about learning Chinese. It is wonderfully designed, high quality software. This product consists of 8 CD ROMs, 8 CDs and 8 books. This software enables learners to see, hear, speak and write in the process of studying. It provides an ideal and all round environment for the learners to study Chinese in a pleasant and completely new style.

After you finish it, you will be able to speak fluently and write smoothly. You will be able to reach the intermediate level, which is mentioned in the HSK examination. This software can be used as a teaching material by education institutions, as well as people who are learning Chinese, especially suitable for businessmen who are studying Chinese by their own.

This software introduces a step by step learning method to you. It starts from the Chinese phonetic alphabet and ends at the HSK examination.

Contents covered in this software include Chinese phonetic alphabet, vocabulary, grammar, Chinese culture, and HSK test. More than 5000 words are included, each with a translation and pronunciation.

To facilitate starters, the interface of this software is bilingual, with classical Chinese music as the background music. The texts, progressing from simple to difficult, are practical and systematic, covering the daily life of Chinese people, folk customs, shopping, sightseeing, paying visit to friends, etc. You could hear the Chinese talk, or join in personally.

In the phonetic part, clear animated demonstration is given to the pronunciations of all the initials and finals. In the Chinese character part, character structures are explained in detail, with a demonstration of stroke writing and order. The reading part includes Chinese idioms, proverbs, allusions, and ancient poems, which are closely related to Chinese culture. Using them properly in actual communication will enhance ones language proficiency. The HSK part introduces HSK test in detail and learners can test their own levels at any time by themselves.

Using this software you will enjoy studying Chinese with its lively and free style. This software has various editions in English, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, German and Indonesia. This listing is for English edition only. Interested in other editions, please visit category for Non English Speakers.

If links die, I will reupload at here.

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