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Data: 14 Czerwiec 2011
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Adobe After Effects CS4
Adobe After Effects CS4

Adobe After Effects CS4

Timelines are searchable

Use QuickSearch to instantly locate any element or even missing footage in a comp or project; navigate quickly between nested comps using the new Mini-Flowchart.
After Effects can import 3D layers from Photoshop
Import 3D models from Adobe Photoshop? CS4, and then bring them into After Effects to composite them with other elements, adjust lighting, and more.

After Effects is part of an end-to-end solution
Adobe provides end-to-end software solutions to deliver compelling experiences on film, video, DVD, the web, and mobile devices.
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Adobe After Effects CS4 Plugin Pack 2010

The program Adobe ? After Effects ? CS4 - is a set of flexible tools, which will give full freedom to your imagination and allow to quickly and easily create stunning visual effects and animated graphics on the level of the modern blockbuster.

Plugins Mega Pack: More than 100 powerful plug-ins for Adobe After Effects. Help you create the most unusual and professional photos, and more.

ABSoft Neat Video v1.5
AlphaPlugins FirTree v1.02
Anarchy Toolbox
Aurora Water AE
Boris Continuum Complete v5.0
Buena Software Au Naturel v1.1.2
Cycore Effects v1.0.1 (ae7)
CycoreFX HD v1.5 [16]
Digital.Anarchy toolbox
DigiEffects Tools
Digital Film Tools ZMatte v2.0
Digital Trove Prime v4.0
Dv Matte Pro
Electrocolor Autocut
Electrocolor Fluid
Fandev BikiniDots v2.0.2
Fandev Grader v1.5.5
Fandev Supressor v1.7.2
Frischluft flair_ae_v1.12
Frischluft Lenscare v1.4
Furnace 1.0v1
GridIron Nucleo
Magic Bullet Suite v2.1
NeatVideo v1.5.1
Panopticum Toolbox
Pixel Farm Reflecmedia Mattenee v1.01
Pixelan SpiceMaster v2.5.0 Pro
Primatte Toolbox
Profound Effects Useful Assistants v1.7
Red Giant ToolBox
RPF Motion Blur v1.0
Stonetics Key Correct Pro v1.0
Synthetic Aperture Color Finesse v2.1.5
The Foundry Tinderbox 4 2.0v1
The Plausible Impossible Reality v1.0
Tiffen Dfx Digital Filter Suite v1.0.0
Title Toolkit
Topaz Enhance v2.2
Trapcode Toolbox
TVzeka AE
Walker Effects v2.1
Boris Continuum Complete 6.04
Color Finesse 2.1.10

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