Data: 12 Czerwiec 2011
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Ubuntu junior aurora 4 (11.04)
Ubuntu junior aurora 4 (11.04)

Ubuntu junior aurora 4 (11.04) | 1.17 GB

Pleased to introduce a new build based on Ubuntu 11.04 x86_64
Assembly, compared with 3 version is more simple and less stuffed with unnecessary software ..
So who decides to download will be acquainted with the new shell Unity but also the creators of Ubuntu have left the familiar Gnome 2.

To get started, we did not put flash player from the repositories that does not work well everywhere ..
We've added Adobe flash player 10.3 rc 1 of which works wonderfully ...
Out of the box traditionally Kodak ...
All Russified .. including Libreoffice
Dropbox 2gb free storage for free.
Gimp, mypaint, photoprint to work with images ..
Netvideohunter, Ablock - well, first download the audio / video with social networking and the other for blocking debris in firefox 4
Virtualbox, Dosbox-Do not require submission
Aptoncd - To create a repository on cd \ dvd
FTP Client - Filezilla
Deluge as the Torrent Client
Deadbeef - Basic audio player ...
Vlc - Video Player
Qutim 0.3 Client for communication VKontakte or icq
Xchat - irc client
Wine 1.3.19
Audacity-audio editor
Openshot-video editor
Boot manager and configuration manager kompiz
Skype 2.2

Podziel się !

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