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Data: 12 Czerwiec 2011
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PROMT Collection Installer 2011 (ENG/RUS)
PROMT Collection Installer 2011 (ENG/RUS)

PROMT Collection Installer 2011 (ENG/RUS) | 1.16 GB

PROMT - the world leader in language of IT-solutions for corporations and private users with a development center in Russia. Translation systems and dictionaries PROMT provides translation from English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian languages, supporting the 26 directions of translation. PROMT customers are more than 10,000 companies in the world and millions of private users.


1.PROMT Professional 9 Giant
2.PROMT Freelance 9
4.PROMT Professional 9 Giant Portable
5.PROMT 4U 9 GIANT Portable
6.Bolshaya collection Spets.Slovarey

Note: In the book, only the last (current) version with working keys, patches, etc.

1.PROMT Professional 9 Giant
Quickly and easily convert documents, sites, or the message, and create and consolidate corporate database of translated texts, which is handy when working with model documents - for example, treaties or regulations.

PROMT Professional is recommended for:
• translation of documents in applications Microsoft Office 2000-2010 (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint) and Adobe (Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Professional),
• translating Internet resources in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox,
• translation of the messages in the ICQ, QIP, Skype, Windows Live Messenger,
• work with texts that contain specialized or vocabulary and terminology.
Translator supports 6 major European languages: English, Russian, German, French, Spanish and Italian.
Working with the terms and specialized vocabulary
• use their own dictionaries of the system,
• Connect to additional dictionaries - user-created or incorporated in a Collection of dictionaries PROMT,
• Creation and activation of Translation Memory databases to translate standard documents and terms in accordance with corporate standards,
• Automating the extraction and translation of terms by using the "Manager terminology LITEť.
Creating a database of translations (Translation Memory)
The translated text can be saved in database translation (Translation Memory), to continue not to translate them again. This is especially true for common documents that contain repeated information (contracts, technical and legal documentation, manuals, etc.).

2.PROMT Freelance 9
Tool to automate the process of translating texts for professional translators.
Has only 2 languages: English - Russian

We recommend PROMT Freelance 9.0:
To support the translation or the translation department of the company
To translate documents from office applications (Microsoft Office2000-2007, Adobe) and Internet (translated in browsers Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox)
To work with texts that contain specialized or vocabulary and terminology
To work with databases and Translation Memory

New in PROMT Freelance 9.0:
Support 4 messengers: ICQ, Skype, QIP, MSN Messenger
Translate pdf-files
Support for new formats for working with databases TM - TMX Level 1, TMX Level 2, OLIF, TBX, TMW, XLIFF
Tool for evaluating the effectiveness of the use of machine translation
A new level of translation quality
The user interface of the new generation
A new concept of reference materials

This kit includes a text translator and electronic dictionary for quick translations of words from 80 subjects for the Anglo-Russian-English direction and 110 subjects for 6 European languages. Working with him easy and convenient! With this product you can always cope with any task: to find word translation or quickly translate a text.

Key features:
* To translate messages in ICQ, Skype, QIP, MSN Messenger
To transfer sites in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox
* For communication in international social networks and online communities
* For a quick understanding of texts and documents written in foreign languages
* To obtain the necessary transfer with minimal
* To translate words and phrases in different subjects

Key benefits:
The program, which is convenient to work
It is easy to understand even a child!
A quick translation of any text
Do not waste your time on the choice of words - your whole text in seconds
Global update of dictionaries in the program
They are significantly augmented and distributed by industries, the most popular with users
Convenience and ease of development

4.PROMT Professional 9 Giant Portable

Features Portable Version:
- Russian Language.
- Integrate the most desired dictionary

5.PROMT 4U 9 GIANT Portable
Portable version of the translation system, which provides the possibility of translating the documents of different formats, and internet-pages in six languages. The program is easy to use and requires no installation on your computer, run from USB-flash drive.

The composition of PROMT 4U 9 GIANT Portable includes the following applications:
* PROMT Editor Lite - a simplified editor-translator with the capability of automatic translation of Windows Clipboard, and text input from the keyboard in any application;
* PROMT Dictionary Installer - Setup of specialized dictionaries and topic templates
* The portable version is missing the ability to integrate into web browsers and user's guide.

6.Bolshaya collection Spets.Slovarey
Collection - a collection of electronic dictionaries on different areas of science and business. With collections you can add general vocabulary systems PROMT9.0 specialized vocabulary and terminology, to enhance the quality of translation. Collections are created for connecting to PROMT 9.0, and can not be used separately.

System requirements:
• Operating system: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
• Processor: Pentium Ž IV 1 GHz or higher or equivalent
• Memory: 512 MB RAM (recommended level of 1024 MB)

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