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Data: 4 Czerwiec 2011
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Puremagnetik Micropak Onda Multiformat
Puremagnetik Micropak Onda Multiformat

Puremagnetik Micropak Onda Multiformat
Mac OS X & Win app| 1.02 GB

Six programs designed in Kyma as expressive multisampled instruments from cross synthesized materials and resonators. Onda is an expressive collection of instruments created by cross synthesizing various materials and resonanting bodies. What if you could pluck a water bottle Or blow through a church bell as a flute Brush a harp made out of steel guitar strings This experimental collection of sounds was created with these concepts in mind.


6 Multisampled programs, each with expressive velocity layering.
High Quality 24 bit samples.
Advanced Ableton Live Macro Controls.
AET filtering and morphing for Kontakt to create unlimited sound variations.
Over 40 Live Clips and SIAL Apple Loops.
Requires Ableton Live 8.2.1, Kontakt 4.2 or Logic 8.

Using a Symbolic Sound Kyma System, Puremagnetik developers analyzed a collection of resonating bodies as struck, plucked and banged with sticks, bricks, brushes and more. Employing Kymas advanced spectral processing features, these six new hybrid instruments were created, bringing lifelike physical models of completely fictitious instruments right to your sampler. In addition, Onda comes packed with over 40 professionally performed Live Clips and SIAL Apple Loops.

All instruments were created using the Harm Visser Kyma Physical Modeling Toolkit

Onda for Ableton Live

Onda for Ableton Live includes all six multisampled instruments with advanced macro control mapping to fully augment and bend the original timbres. In combination with Ableton Samplers sophisticated sound mangling capabilities, Onda for Live is a hugely expressive pack of instruments never heard before! Onda for Live also includes over 40 Live Clips with integrated effects and instrument macro controls.

Onda for Kontakt 4

As if Kymas spectral morphing wasnt enough for this library, Puremagnetik developers have taken this collection even further with Kontakts Authentic Expression Technology (AET). Onda for Kontakt is a single program that can seamlessly morph from one instrument to the other. Simply pick one of the six instruments as the spectral source and use the built in KSP panel to either Automorph and manually morph between sounds! Onda for Kontakt also comes with over 40 Apple Loops that can easily be dragged and dropped into the Kontakt interface.

Onda for Logic

Onda for Logic includes all six multisampled instruments with customized EXS parameter programming and easy to access channel strips. Over 40 included SIAL loops are convenient and readytoedit phrases that can be dragged right from your loop browser into Logics timeline.

Onda (Now in XRNI format!)

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